Ovingham baptisms 1841-1868

2,237 baptisms covering 1841-1868 at Ovingham St. Mary the Virgin in the Hexham district of Northumberland, filling a gap we had in this parish’s collection. Starting in Feb 1847, many baptisms are noted as having occurred at Mickley Chapel.

Abodes mentioned besides Ovingham include Blue Bell, Broom House, Cherryburn, Crook Hill, Dean Head, Edgewell House, Eltringham, the Hagg, Hallyards, Harlow Hill, Hedley, Holeyn Hall, Horsley, Hyon’s or Ion’s Wood, Laker Hall, Master’s Close, Mickley, Mickley Square, Mount Huly, Mount Pleasant, Nafferton, New Wylam, Newcastle, Orchard House, Ovington, Oxclose, Prudhoe, Prudhoe Boat Houses, Prudhoe Colliery, Prudhoe Main, Rudchester, Stankwell, Wall Houses, Welton, Whittle, Wylam, Wylam Hills, Wylam Oakwood, Wylam Rift, and Wylam Scar.

Here are some examples:

  • 3 Jan 1841 Edward Wilkinson, of Ovington, child of William (butcher) & Isabella Wilkinson
  • 6 Apr 1851 George Rutherford, of Eltringham, child of Major (hind) & Margaret Rutherford, at Mickley chapel
  • 14 Dec 1856 Henry Callendar, of Mickley Square, child of George (pitman) & Mary Callendar
  • 2 Jul 1868 Mabel Etheldreda Bigge, of Ovingham Rectory, daughter of George Richard Bigge (clerk in Holy Orders) & Annette Henrietta Bigge