1851 Gateshead census

Added another 10,697 people to the 1851 census of Gateshead. We are now about 50 folios away from finishing this project. This section covers parts of the parishes of St. John and St. Mary, including High Fell, Blue Quarries, Low Fell, Sheriff Hill, Wrekenton, Friars Goose, Quarry Field, New Gateshead, Salt Meadows, Sheerlegs, South Shipcote, Tyne Main, and Windmill Hills.

Here is an example with some useful in-laws:

Gateshead St.John 1851 Census – High Fell – Blue Quarries (HO107/2402, Folio 417, Page 11 & Folio 418, Page 12)
Patrick Gorman, head, married, 40, pedler, born Ireland
Mary Gorman, wife, married, 28, pedler, born Ireland
Sarah Gorman, daughter, 9, born Gateshead, County Durham
John Gorman, son, 2, born Gateshead, County Durham
Thomas Gorman, son, 2 months, born Gateshead, County Durham
Bridget Dunn, mother-in-law, widow, 60, born Ireland
Catherine Dunn, sister-in-law, 10, born Ireland
Sarah Brooks, sister-in-law, unmarried, 26, pedler, born Ireland

An example with a married daughter:

Gateshead St.John 1851 Census, Low Fell (HO107/2402, Folio 374, Page 16)
Matthew Richardson, head, married, 61, coal miner, born Lamesley, County Durham
Ann Richardson, wife, married, 62, born Middleton, County Durham
John Fairgrieve, son-in-law, married, 21, journeyman blacksmith, born Long Benton, Northumberland
Jane Fairgrieve, daughter, married, 18, born Lamesley, County Durham
Richard Errington, lodger, married, 69, waggonman, born Lamesley, County Durham

Here’s a family that shows movement across 3 counties:

Gateshead St.John 1851 Census – High Fell – Johnson’s House (HO107/2402, Folio 433, Page 42)
John Wilson, head, married, 43, quarryman, born Nether Danton, Cumberland
Martha Wilson, wife, married, 44, born Wetheril, Cumberland
Thomas Wilson, son, unmarried, 16, quarryman, born Wetheril, Cumberland
Elizabeth Wilson, daughter, 14, born Wetheril, Cumberland
Frances Wilson, daughter, 12, born Wetheril, Cumberland
Frank Wilson, son, 8, scholar, born Heworth, County Durham
Frank Tweddle, father-in-law, widower, 80, retired joiner, born Simonburn, Northumberland

This Irishman was the oldest person in this chunk of data:

Gateshead St.Mary 1851 Census – Oakwellgate Lane (HO107/2402, Folio 557, Page 26)
Gaven Caven, head, widower, 99, butcher, born Ireland
Mary Caven, [relationship & marital status blank], 57, born Ireland
Michael Fole, lodger, unmarried, 56, labourer, born Ireland
Mary Monagen, lodger, 6, born Ireland

Inmates of the Lunatic Asylums in Wrekenton and Sheriff Hill were listed only by their initials. Makes it difficult to find an ancestor there!