Newcastle St. Nicholas burials 1798-1812

From St. Nicholas in Newcastle-upon-Tyne:

  • 1,204 burials spanning the wonderfully detailed years of 1798-1812

We now have a continuous run of burials here for 1762-1853.

These are from a combination of the parish register and the Bishop’s Transcript, for maximum detail. There are some discrepancies between the two documents, but not many. Nearly all the burials give the death date and the cause of death. In the burial of a child, the information given in the register usually includes the father and his occupation, and the mother, with her maiden surname, until early October 1805, but the Bishop’s Transcript stops showing the mothers from 25 March 1805 onward. Oct 1805 is also where the maiden surname of a deceased woman stops showing up. A few burials are missing from the BT. Conversely, from Nov 1807 to March 1808, there are some burials where the father’s occupation or an abode or a little extra detail is listed only in the Bishop’s Transcript.


  • 1 Feb 1798 Jane Davenport, of the Side, age: 78, wife of John Davenport, flax merchant, daughter of John Holmes, died 30 Jan of gradual decay
  • 14 Oct 1800 Margaret Tueart, of the Close, age: 17, daughter of the late Stephen Tueart (mariner) & Mary his wife, formerly Young, died 12 Oct of inflammation of the bowels
  • 19 Sep 1805 Frances Oyston late Levitt, of the Side, age: 38, wife of Ambrose Oyston (flaxdresser), died 16 Sep of consumption
  • 23 Jan 1807 Revd. John Ellison, of Westgate Street, age: 76, 50 years Curate of this parish, died 19 Jan of bilious & gravel complaint
  • 13 Nov 1809 Bryan Turnbull, of Bigg Market, age: 17, currier’s apprentice, died 10 Nov of compression of the brain
  • 28 Dec 1812 Mary Blair, of Groat Market, age: 44, wife of William Blair (coach man), died 26 Dec of consumption

Baptisms for this period are under construction.