Haltwhistle baptisms 1839-1858

1,836 baptisms at Haltwhistle Holy Cross in Haltwhistle district, Northumberland, covering 1839-1858, from a combination of the Bishop’s Transcript and the parish register. About 10% of the baptisms after 1850 (and a few before then) include the child’s birth date.


  • 10 Feb 1839 James Hetherington, of Low Byre, son of Thomas (clogger) & Margaret Hetherington
  • 19 Jan 1844 Margaret Graham, of Pasture Head, daughter of Elizabeth Graham (spinster), 6 yrs old
  • 1 Jul 1849 John Ridley, of Towhouse Green, son of John (publican) & Rachel Ridley
  • 24 Mar 1853 Margaret Glenwright, of Chesters, born 28 Oct 1849, daughter of Henry (pitman) & Barbara Glenwright
  • 15 Aug 1858 Mary Elizabeth Hindmarsh, of Wydon Cleughside, daughter of Joseph (gamekeeper) & Sarah Hindmarsh

Abodes mentioned besides Haltwhistle included Allens Green, Angerton Bankfoot, Archie’s Flat, Ashey Cleugh, Bank Top,  Bardon Mill, Beltingham, Bitchel Gate or Bitchfield Gate, Blenkinsopp Castle, Braidley, Briarwood, Brockalee, Broom Houses, Buff Head, Cairney Croft, Causeway, Chainleyford Mill, Chesters, Closeaburn, Clover Hill, College, Comb Hill, Crooks, Crow Hall Mill, Crushels, Dilacres, Double Dykes, East Calf Fields, Engine House, Featherstone Bridge End and Featherstone Castle, Fell End, Ferranees, Fogridge, Foul Town, the Gap, Gateshead, Glenwhelt, Gorbet Hill, Gorcock, Greenhead, Greenrigs, Hall Bank Head, Hallpeat Moss, Halton Lea Gate, Haltwhistle Mill, Hartleyburn, Henshaw, High Ramshaw, High Side, Hole House, Holm Head, Kellah, Langlands, Leases or Leazes, Linshield, Long Byer, Low Byer, Low House Mill, Maiden Way, Melkridge, Metal Bridge, Midgeholme, Mill Hill, Mill House, Milton Railway Station (parish of Brampton, Cumberland), New Angerton, Newcastle, Oakey Knowe, Ollalee, Park, Partridge Nest, Pasture Head, Plainmeller (Plenmeller), Redburn, Redpath, Ridley, Rose Hill, Rose Villa, Rowfoot, Runnerfoot, Shankhead, Smallburn, Sook Hill, Steel Rig, Stone Gap, Temmon Corrage, Thorngrafton, Toe or Tow House, Ulpham (Ulgham), Wall End, Wall Town, Wardoughan, Wardrew, Waterloo, Whitchester and Whitchester Tunnel,  Willimoteswyke, Woodhead, Wry Tree, Wydon and Wydon Eals.

Wallsend St. Luke baptisms 1887-1900

3,062 baptisms at Wallsend St. Luke in the district of Tynemouth, Northumberland, from the beginning of the first register in 1887 to the end of 1900. The population of Wallsend was rapidly increasing during the 1880s, thanks to the coal-mining and shipbuilding industries, so the parish of Wallsend St. Peter was divided, with the western portion becoming the new parish of St Luke, complete with a new church. [Source: Wikipedia]

Residences mentioned were mostly street addresses in Wallsend, but also include Bigges Main, Blyth, Gateshead, Tyne Dock, and Walker. Most of these baptisms include the child’s birth date.

Sample baptisms:

  • 24 Aug 1887 Margaret Ellen Haikney, of 61 Denham Terrace, born 19-Jul, child of John (rivetter) & Isabella Haikney
  • 24 Feb 1897 Henry Melville, of 81 High Street, born 8-Jun 1878, child of Joseph (shoemaker) & Elizabeth Melville
  • 24 Mar 1900 Dorothy Gibson, of 2 Chadwick Street, born 28-Feb 1865, child of Joseph (engineer) & Mary Gibson, conditional baptism

Monk Hesleden St. Mary baptisms 1882-1948 updated

We have updated 1,170 baptisms at Monk Hesleden St. Mary in Easington district with the occupations of the fathers and some abodes that had been omitted, from 1882 to 1948 inclusive. We also added one baptism we’d missed, and made minor error corrections.

Monk Hesleden served residents of Benridge, Blackhall Colliery, Blue House, Castle Eden Colliery, Filpoke, Hardwick Hall, Hart Bushes, High Hesleden, Hulam, Hutton Henry, Mickle Hill, Monk Hesleden, Nesbit, Sheraton, South Wingate, Station Town, and Wingate.

Samples – before the update:

  • 14 May 1882 Sarah Jane Longstaff, child of George & Dorothy Longstaff
  • 26 Mar 1893 Frederick William Skaife, child of Alfred Skaife & Mary Ann Skaife
  • 13 Sep 1903 Ada Snowdon, child of William Joseph Snowdon & Sarah Jane Snowdon
  • 3 Mar 1918 May Bolton, child of John Bolton & Mary Elizabeth Bolton

and the same baptisms after the update:

  • 14 May 1882 Sarah Jane Longstaff, of Hart Bushes, child of George (joiner) & Dorothy Longstaff
  • 26 Mar 1893 Frederick William Skaife, of Nesbit, Hart, child of Alfred Skaife (hind) & Mary Ann Skaife
  • 13 Sep 1903 Ada Snowdon, of Sheraton, child of William Joseph Snowdon (shepherd) & Sarah Jane Snowdon
  • 3 Mar 1918 May Bolton, of 18 East St., Blackhall, child of John Bolton (electrical engineer) & Mary Elizabeth Bolton

If a major change, such as a name or date, was made to a record you purchased, an email has already been sent to you with the correction. Otherwise, if you have purchased a baptism at this church in this period, you should review it to get the new information and see if any other minor changes were made. Log in, click My Account, then click the My Orders tab to see your purchases.

This is part of our mission to update our Easington-district baptisms that are missing occupations and abodes. We are now done with this parish, hurray!

Monkwearmouth marriages 1837-1841

834 marriages at Monkwearmouth St. Peter from 1 July 1837 to the end of 1841. These are fully-detailed civil-registration-era marriages; however, most give the age as “full” (21 or older) rather than an actual number.

The age difference in this first sample is worth noting:

  • 10 Jul 1837 Edward Billam (widower, joiner, age 62, of Monkwearmouth Shore, son of Edward Billam, farmer) married Mary Wilson (spinster, age 31, of Monkwearmouth Shore, daughter of Thomas Wilson, keelman)
    Witnesses: A. Robson; John Mewburn

Edward may have understated his age, as the 1841 census (a mere 4 years later) shows him aged 75 (so, really, 75 to 79) with his 35-year-old (really, 35 to 39) bride Mary, and his burial in 1845 says he is aged 85, so the age gap between Mary and him may be even larger than he declared it to be in his marriage record, possibly as much as 46 years!

More samples:

  • 13 Jul 1839 John Burdes (bachelor, master mariner, full age, of Monkwearmouth, son of Edward Burdes, lime burner) married Elizabeth Just (widow, full age, of Monkwearmouth, daughter of Michael Watson, running fitter)
    Witnesses: A. Robson; John Mewburn
  • 27 Nov 1841 Alexander Sutherland (bachelor, cabinet maker, full age, of Monkwearmouth Shore, son of John Sutherland, farmer) married Margaret Goodchild (spinster, full age, of Monkwearmouth Shore, daughter of Robert Goodchild, mariner)
    Witnesses: A. Robson; M. Wheatley

Residences mentioned besides Monkwearmouth include Bishopwearmouth, Fulwell, Hylton, Monkwearmouth Shore, Southwick, and Sunderland.

Newcastle All Saints baptisms 1809-1810

943 baptisms at All Saints church in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, covering the detail-rich period of 1809-1810, from a combination of the Bishop’s Transcript and the parish register. These include the child’s birth date and birth order within the family, the birth places of both parents, the father’s occupation, and the mother’s maiden surname and her father’s name and occupation. We have added “[native]” to the descriptions of the parents, as the original instruction from the Bishop of Durham was to record the parents’ nativity, but some parish clerks simply wrote “of” rather than “native of”, and that can confuse researchers into thinking the place is the current residence rather than the birth place.

Many County Durham residents repeatedly moved back and forth across the River Tyne between Gateshead and Newcastle, following the available work, so you will find many of the same families that are also found in Gateshead, Hebburn, Jarrow, Heworth, and other border communities along the Tyne.

Sample baptisms:

  • 1 Jan 1809 Isabella Plumpton, born 15 Jul 1808, 6th daughter of William Plumpton (weaver, [native] of Gilligate, County Durham) by his wife Elizabeth Wallis (daughter of George Wallis, labourer, [native] of Crossgate, Durham)
  • 11 Mar 1810 Elizabeth Stokoe, born 4 Jan 1810, 6th daughter of Samuel Stokoe (agent, [native] of Lamesley, County Durham) by his wife Frances Morley (daughter of Christopher Morley, labourer, [native] of Chester le Street, County Durham)
  • 25 Dec 1810 Thomas Turpin, born 25 Aug 1810, 1st son of Joseph Turpin (hatter, [native] of Heworth, County Durham) by his wife Ann Charlton (daughter of Thomas Charlton, quarryman, [native] of Heworth, County Durham)

Here’s a busy man catching up on his children’s baptisms:

  • 11 Oct 1809 James Clark Graham, born 20 Sep 1806, illegitimate son of Thomas Graham (merchant, [native] of Carlisle, Cumberland) by Mary Kendale (widow, [native] of Carlisle, daughter of Thomas Overton, maltster)
  • 11 Oct 1809 Monkhouse Graham, born 5 Jul 1808, illegitimate son of Thomas Graham (merchant, [native] of Carlisle, Cumberland) by Elizabeth Unsworth (married woman, [native] of Ormskirk, Lancashire, daughter of John Clark, brewer)

We wonder if both mothers were present, and how that went if they were!

Birtley St. Joseph Roman Catholic baptisms 1853-1862

736 baptisms at Birtley St. Joseph, a Roman Catholic church in Birtley in the civil district of Chester-le-Street. We now have baptisms here from 1745 to 1862 inclusive.

These records are in Latin and we have retained the Latin forms of the names. The baptisms do not give the father’s occupation or the family’s abode, but they do list  the mother’s maiden surname, the child’s birth date, and two godparents. Many godparents share a surname with one of the parents, so they are probably related, which may be helpful in your research.

Some samples:

  • 30 Jan 1853 Jacobus O’Reilly, born 4 Dec 1852, son of Jacobi O’Reilly & Rosoe olim Gorman
    Godparents or Sponsors: Joannes McCluskey; Maria Anna McClear
  • 29 Dec 1861 Maria Brannon, born 26 Dec 1861, daughter of Edwardi Magee & Birgettoe Brannon
    Godparents or Sponsors: Maria Brannon
    [Note: “conjugum” is crossed out, so the parents are not married.]

A few baptisms also tell who the child eventually married.

  • 7 Oct 1859 Thomas McDonald, born 29 Sep 1859, son of Patritii McDonald & Marioe olim Fitzpatrick, married Anna Ryans at St Cuthberts Durham on 8 Apr 1914.
    Godparents or Sponsors: Petrus Dunn; Catharina McCabe

This one was interesting:

  • Emily Gordon [Vesey], born 11 Jul 1859, widow, daughter of John Vesey & Jane olim Mills, baptised as Emily Vesey in the church of St Joseph at Birtley, married Edward Anthony in the church of St Dominic at Newcastle-upon-Tyne on 14 May 1931
    [Note: this is on a printed card tucked into the register in July-August 1860, apparently as the only record of her baptism, since the baptism is not recorded in the register.]

As with other Catholic baptisms we have recently released, the surname spelling in these varies wildly, differing from the spelling in the GRO civil birth index and differing across baptisms within the same family. We noticed a few patterns:

  • treating “l” and “n” as the same letter: Connell and Connon were both used for the same person. Manuel, Mannun, Manahan, and Monaghan are all the same family.
  • treating “l” and “r” as the same letter: Garrigan and Galligan, Corrigan and Colligan
  • dropping or adding “Mc” to a name: Garrick and McGarrick
  • swapping “C”,  “K”, and “G” at the beginning of a name: Garrigan, Carrigan, and Keerogan, or Calligan and Galligan
  • writing McElhatton as “Michael Hatton”

One mother’s maiden surname was given, over several baptisms, as Pickering, Pickerton, and Pukett (which was recorded as Pickell in the GRO birth index). Another mother was listed as McGargle and Gargan, but McGarrick in the birth index. Another was listed as Coollican, Coulson, and Coulton, but was Coulton (for Coollican) and Coken (for Coulton) in the birth index. The names McGear, McGerr, McGarl, McGire, and Migar were all used for the same person. Queenan, Keenan, and Quin were all interchangeable. Rresearchers of Irish ancestors, you have my sympathy!


Newburn baptisms 1724-1763 & burials 1690-1751

At Newburn St. Michael & All Angels in the Castle Ward district of Northumberland:

  • 1,260 baptisms covering 1724-1763, joining up with our previous collection to give us baptisms here from 1724 to 1880 inclusive
  • 1,782 burials from the beginning of the first register in February 1690 to August 1751. We intend to fill the gap in our collection, from Aug 1751 through 1763, early next year.

Newburn is just across the River Tyne from the County Durham parishes of Ryton, Whickham, and Gateshead, so many families moved back and forth and will be found in the records of all four parishes. Residences mentioned besides Newburn include Bell’s Close, Black Callerton, Broom Hall, Butterley, Callerton, Chapel House, Coley Hill, Dalton, Denton (and East and West Denton), Denton Burn, Dissington East Houses, Duley, Donkin’s Houses, Hill Head, Hotch Pudding, Gingling (Jingling) Gate, Lemington, Lough Houses, Luddick, Menses Houses, Newbegin (Newbiggin), Newburn Hall,  North and South Dissington,  Penny Rife Hill, Pigs or Piggs Hall, Quarry Houses, Red Cow, Robshugh or Robsugh, Scotswood, Slateyford, Throckley, Throckley Fell, Throckley Mill, Wallbattle (Walbottle),  Whorlton (and East Whorlton, West Whorlton, and Whorlton Moor), and Wolsington (Woolsington).


There must have been some problem during the curacy of the Rev’d Thomas Slack in the 1750s and 1760s. It appears that the baptism register was not kept between May 1751 and 1764, when a new vicar was appointed. After the baptisms of May 1751 in the register, there are pages of baptisms extending back to the 1720s, entered in the 1770s and 1780s by the next several vicars, with notes about how Rev. Slack neglected to enter them when they occurred. Parents brought their family Bibles and baptismal certificates to prove the birth dates of their children, or provided affidavits from midwives and relatives. There are also several pages of births of dissenters (non-Anglicans) who wanted their children’s births recorded in the register to document their residency in the parish. Some of these specified that the child had been baptized by the “dissenter minister at Stamfordham”. From this list, we also added 13 additional baptisms of dissenters between 1764 and 1812 to our existing collection of Newburn baptisms.

Sample baptisms:

  • 1 Jan 1724 Izabel Bambrough, of Wallbattle, daughter of Thomas Bambrough
  • 6 Nov 1733 Deborah Chicken, of Newburn, daughter of Lancelot Chicken
  • 19 Apr 1743 Robert Hobson, son of Anthony & Jane Hobson, received into the congregation Apr. 28th in Newburne Churche, the day his mother Jane Hobson was buried there, but privately baptiz’d at Quarry House nigh Winlaton in ye parish of Ryton April the 19, as by certificate from the Rev’d Mr. Ion, curate of Winlaton
  • 28 May 1751 James [Fletcher/Scott], base born son of James Fletcher & Anne Scott, baptized at Lemmington. The said James Fletcher, his brother, and James Turnbull are bound to keep the parish indemnifyd.
  • 16 Sep 1761 Elizabeth Cairns, of Walbattle, daughter of Bartholemew & Eleanor Cairns, extracted from a Bible belonging to Eleanor Cairns now Sheridan, mother of the said Elizabeth, and inserted here at the mother’s request on 4 Feb 1807 and witnessed by Eleanor Sheridan [followed by her signature “Eleanor Shirdon”]
    [Note: this is on a list of baptisms which had not been entered in their proper place in the register and are now entered at the request of the person or parents, upon affidavit of age or date of birth. This list starts on page 286 near the end of the first register.]
  • William Peck, of Newbigin, born 18 Feb 1719, son of Richard Peck
    [Note: on a list titled “Births of Dissenters”, placed after May 1751 baptisms, on pages 46 and 47 near the end of the 2nd register. Since this was probably written after the calendar update of 1752, we do not know whether the year is the old-style year or the new-style year – it may be 1720 in the new style.]


There are no burials in the register for 1699-1701. Burials for 1703-1704 are not in the original register but are found in a duplicate register. From April 1722 to April 1723, the register pages are badly damaged or missing, so there are only a few legible burials in that period.

Sample burials:

  • 17 Feb 1690 Dorothie Sharp, a girle of John Sharp
  • 4 Oct 1710 Ruth Hall, of Newbegin, daughter of Mr. Reynold Hall, buried in the church
  • 14 Nov 1725 Sarah Steel, of Whorleton Moor, wife of Joseph Steel
  • 17 May 1726 Margaret Read, of Newburne, aged 100 & 8 years
  • 7 Dec 1738 William Bowart, of Newbegin, son of Frances Bowart (widow)
  • 7 Feb 1744 Catherine Winchup, of Wallbattle, wife of William Winchup
  • 5 Jan 1751 James Heslip, of Wissington, son of William Heslip


Newcastle St. Andrew baptisms 1840-1848

3,365 baptisms at St. Andrew’s church in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, covering 1840 through 1848. Abodes listed are mostly streets in Newcastle, but also include Brunton, Cox Lodge, Fawdon, Felling, Gateshead, Gosforth, Heaton, Jesmond, Kenton, Shield Field, and Spital Tongues. A few of these have birth dates, and quite a few baptisms are for children of soldiers from various regiments stationed at the Newcastle Barracks.

Sample baptisms:

  • 2 Jan 1840 Richard Grinsell Scanlan, of Leazes Lane, child of Edmund Scanlan (plaisterer) & Alice Matilda Scanlan
  • 23 Jul 1841 Frances Ann Dixon, of Mackford’s Entry, born 17 Feb 1827, adult daughter of George (tailor) & Sarah Dixon, on her own Testimony
  • 16 Dec 1844 Mary Ann [Carnaby/Burton], of Castle Garth, child of William Carnaby & Elizabeth Burton (single woman)
  • 2 Feb 1845 Mary Sabina Reid, of [the] Barracks, child of John (26th Cameronians) & Elizabeth Reid
  • 29 Dec 1848 Hannah Summers, of Gateshead, child of Robert (groom) & Marianne Summers

Silksworth St. Leonard Catholic baptisms 1873-1885, marriages 1873-1894, deaths 1873-1891

From the Roman Catholic church of St. Leonard in Silksworth, Sunderland district, which opened in Sept 1873:

  • 695 baptisms 1873-1885 plus the first one in 1886
  • 155 marriages from Dec 1874 to June 1894
  • 361 funerals from January 1874 to March 1891. Because this church did not have a burial ground until August 1882, most burials before then were at Ryhope Cemetery or Silksworth Cemetery. The burial place is stated in each burial.

Most of these records are in Latin. These baptisms usually include the mother’s maiden surname, the child’s birth date, and the names of a godfather and a godmother. The spelling of the surnames varies wildly – we found one family that went by Finley, Finlan, and Finnoran, another that alternated between McGorry, McGuire, and McGurrell, and a third that used Gartland, McGartland, and McGaghran interchangeably. There are also quite a few clerical errors. Here are two of the most puzzling, with our notes:

  • 12 Feb 1879 Maria Anna Leonard [Lanagan], of Ryhope, born 9 Feb 1879, daughter of David Leonard [Lanagan] & Annae olim Toole
    Godparents or Sponsors: Nicholas Mulveney; Martha Mulveney
    [Note: the surname may be an error. There are other baptisms here to David LANAGAN and Ann Toole, and Mary Ann, aged 2, is with them in the 1881 census. The GRO birth index says Mary Ann Lannigan.]
  • 5 Sep 1876 Eugenius Martin [Hughes], of 36 Cory St, Ryhope, born 14 Aug 1876, son of Edvardi Martin [Hughes] & Catharinae olim Shearon
    Godparents or Sponsors: Patritius Follen; Margarita Shearon
    [Note: the surname may be an error. There are other baptisms here to Edward HUGHES and Catharine Shearon. The GRO birth index shows this child as Owen Hughes, mother’s maiden surname Shearon.]

These are not the type of errors where the clerk mis-heard the name, as Lanagan sounds nothing like Leonard and Hughes sounds nothing like Martin, and they don’t appear to be the type of error where the clerk was copying the name from another piece of paper, so we’re mystified. It makes us wonder if these families did indeed sometimes use a completely different surname.

There were also quite a few converts to Catholicism receiving “conditional” baptisms (conditional because their baptismal status was unknown and you weren’t supposed to be baptized twice). Below we have 3 generations of the same family conditionally baptized on the same day:

  • 11 Jun 1881 Isabella Liddell, of New Tunstall, born Aug 1833, daughter of Thomae Dauson & Margaritae, conditional baptism
  • 11 Jun 1881 Sara Liddell, of New Tunstall, born 11 Feb 1860, daughter of Eduardi Liddell & Isabellae olim Dauson, conditional baptism
  • 11 Jun 1881 Joannes Michael Liddell, of New Tunstall, born 7 Feb 1880, son of Joanis Kennedy & Sarae Liddell, conditional baptism

A number of baptisms include information about the eventual marriage of the child being baptized, as the diligent priests went back to the register 20+ years later and added that information:

  • 2 May 1875 Maria Richardson, of 57 Queen St, Ryhope, born 26 Mar 1875, daughter of Patritii Richardson & Juliae olim Mullen, married Nathanelo Stanness at St Patricii Ryhope 28 Nov 1909
    Godparents or Sponsors: Joannes Kelly; Elizabeth Coulden

Sample marriages – these name the father of the groom, the father of the bride and often his abode, and usually the abodes of the witnesses:

  • 14 May 1877 Thomam McManus (of Ryhope, son of Francisci McManus) married Gratian Simpson (of Ryhope, daughter of Thomae Simpson, of Windy Nook, Gateshead)
    Witnesses: Jacobo Clark, of Johnston St Bishopwearmouth; Maria Howley, of Ryhope

Sample burials – all of these list the death date and some of them list the grave number:

  • 3 Apr 1874 Birgitta Fannon, of New Tunstall, age: 40, buried at Ryhope Cemetery, died 31 Mar
  • 21 Aug 1884 Gulielmus Crawley, of New Tunstall, age: 56, buried at St Leonard’s, grave 28, died 18 Aug

Haltwhistle marriages 1808-1837

690 marriages at Haltwhistle Holy Cross in Haltwhistle district in Northumberland, from 1 Jan 1808 to 1 July 1837. Haltwhistle is an interesting parish because, while it is in Northumberland, it sits atop the Pennine Way very near the Cumberland parishes of Alston and Brampton, and fairly close to the parishes of Upper Weardale in County Durham, so quite a few grooms came from those places to Haltwhistle to seek a bride. For example:

  • 27 May 1809 Nicholas Potts (of the parish of Stanhope in the County of Durham) married Margaret Wilkinson (of this parish), by licence
    Witnesses: Joseph Whitfield; Mark Proudfoot; George Wilkinson
  • 6 Jun 1824 Thomas Keenlyside (bachelor, of the parish of Alston County of Cumberland) married Hannah Place (spinster, of this parish), by banns
    Witnesses: John Holmes; Ellis Place; John Lee
  • 16 Jan 1836 William Birkett (bachelor, of the parish of Lambley) married Mary Clemitson (spinster, of this parish), by banns
    Witnesses: Jonathan Pattinson; Anne Clemitson; Thomas Clemitson

Abodes mentioned besides Haltwhistle, in three counties, include the parishes of Abbey Lanercost, Allendale, Alston, Bellingham, Brampton, Chollerton, Corbridge, Fairlam, Haydon Bridge, Hexham, Knarsdale, Lambley, Simonburn, St. John Lee, Stanhope, Walton, Warden, Wark, and Whitfield.

Fun fact: the town of Haltwhistle consider itself to be the geographical centre of Great Britain! Of course this is disputed by several other locations; it all depends on how you measure. You can read more about this and see some photos of Haltwhistle here.