Herrington St. Aidan baptisms 1891-1966

At Herrington St. Aidan in the district of Houghton-le-Spring:

  • 4,489 baptisms spanning 1891-1966

The residences listed include East Herrington, Herrington Hill, Houghton-le-Spring, Middle Herrington, Mill Pit, New Herrington, Newbottle, Penshaw, Philadelphia, Shiney Row, Stonygate, Success, and West Herrington.

Nearly all of these give the child’s birth date. Samples:

  • 27 Jan 1891 Elizabeth Jane Riddell, of East Herrington, child of George (police constable) & Jane Riddell
  • 21 Jun 1906 Jane Helen McLaren, of Herrington Hill, born 26 Nov 1879, child of William McLaren (farmer) & Jane Bennett McLaren, received into the Church after Presbyterian Baptism
  • 6 Aug 1919 Dorothy Isabel Dixon, of 8 Surrey Place, born 6 Jul 1919, child of Thomas William Lishman Dixon (brakesman) & Margaret Elizabeth Dixon

Kelloe marriages 1693-1762

357 marriages at Kelloe St. Helen in Easington district, from the beginning of the first register in 1694 to Feb 1762. We now have all the marriages at this church from 1694 to 1858. There are no marriages recorded from May 1736 to Jan 1738. There were no “banns called here but not married here” in the banns register for this period (1754-1762).

Abodes mentioned besides Kelloe include Bishop Middleham, Chester-le-Street, Easington, Garmonsway, Houghton-le-Spring, Monk Hesleden, Trimdon, and Wingate. Abodes are provided for most marriages, except for a disturbing stretch from 1706 to 1733 where only a few marriages list abodes. Occupations of the grooms are given from late 1700 to mid-1704. Witnesses start in mid-1754, as usual.

Sample marriages:

  • 11 May 1693 Stephen Arrowsmith (of ye parish of Elwick) married Anne Wilson (of this parish)
  • 1 Nov 1701 John Grindwell (day labourer, Roman Cath., of this parish) married Elizabeth Tailor
  • 28 Apr 1725 Jon Batmunson married Ann Tate
  • 12 Jan 1755 Robert Emerson (batchelor) married Frances Younger (spinster), both of this parish, by banns, with the consent of the mother of the said Frances, she being a minor
    Witnesses: Samuel Thwayts; George Forster; John Atkinson

Dalton-le-Dale marriages & banns 1654-1812

343 marriages at Dalton-le-Dale St. Andrew in Easington district, from the beginning of the first register in 1654 to the end of 1812, plus 27 banns publications for 1754-1812. We now have all the marriages and “banns called but not married here” at this church from 1654 to the end of 1966.

There are no marriages recorded from June 1657 to Nov 1665 and Nov 1681 to Feb 1685, and quite a few single-year gaps, probably because this was not a large parish. There were many years with only a few marriages. Abodes mentioned besides Dalton (aka Daldon in this register) include Bishop Wearmouth, Cold Hesleden aka just Hesleden, Easington, Hawthorne, Hetton-le-Hole, Houghton-le-Spring, Murton (aka Moorton or Morton in this register), Pittington, Ryhope, Seaham, Shadforth, and Sunderland.

Most of these marriages list the abode of both parties. After 1768, most show marital status, but little other information (only a few fathers are listed, and 2 brides are declared to be minors). Samples:

  • 7 Dec 1654 Nicholas Denton married Isabell Jackson, both of the towne and parish of Dalton, married before Tho. Dallivall Esquire, of Hetton, one of the Justices of the Peace for this Countie
  • 25 Nov 1738 Goodchild Wilkinson (of Barnston [Barmston] in ye parish of Washington) married Mary Watson (widow, of Dalton)
  • 29 May 1781 Peter Wood (batchelor, of Hawthorn in the parish of Easington) married Barbara Blakiston (minor, spinster, of Cold Haselden in this parish), by licence with consent of the parents of the said Barbara Blakiston
    Witnesses: William Hutchinson; John Wood
  • 1 May 1804 George Storey (widower) married Elizabeth Doxford (widow), both of this parish, by licence
    Witnesses: Frances Lackenby; William Lowdon

Sample banns:

  • 3 May 1762 Philip Lovet (of this parish) & Dorothy Brough (of the parish of Whitburn), banns read April 18th, 25th & May 3rd

Hurworth baptisms & burials 1701-1769

1,063 baptisms and 942 burials at Hurworth All Saints in Darlington district, filling a gap we had from 1701 to 1769 inclusive. We now have all the baptisms at this church for 1559-1885, all the burials for 1559 to August 1885, and we already had all the marriages for 1559-1837.

There are no baptisms recorded from Feb 1718 to Aug 1719, when a new register begins. Between Sep 1717 and Feb 1720, there are only 2 burials recorded, both in Aug 1719, which suggests that the register was neglected for a couple of years, perhaps because they didn’t have a new register book.

The registers are in Latin until late 1733. The baptisms are very terse, with very few abodes or other information except names, but at least the mothers are included, which is not always true of baptisms in this period. The burials are more helpful since they usually include the parents or father of a deceased child and the spouse of a deceased woman.

Sample baptisms:

  • 6 Apr 1701 Carolus Willy, filius [son] of Georgii & Margaretae Willy
  • 24 Jun 1732 Thomas [Stokehill/Golesbrough], filius spurius [illegitimate son] of Thomae Golesbrough & Annae Stokehill
  • 29 Jul 1739 Elizabeth Reed, of Neesham, daughter of Ralph & Ann Reed
  • 10 Sep 1769 Jane & Margaret Greathead, twin daughters of Jacob & Elizabeth Greathead

Sample burials:

  • 9 Mar 1707 Dorothea Gedling, primo vidua of Roberti Gedling, secundo vidua Humphredi Stedman
  • 29 Jan 1728 Jana [Stainforth/Linskill], spurius filia [illegitimate daughter] of Stephani Stainforth & Janae Linskill
  • 24 May 1743 Hellen Lunn, wife of Samuel Lunn
  • 5 Jun 1752 John Wheat, son of Leonard & Elizabeth Wheat
  • 20 Jul 1768 Sarah Bramwell, daughter of George Bramwell (clerk)

This is one of the only 2 burials with an age stated, and it’s an impressively high age:

  • 24 Apr 1725 Thomison Frear, etatis sue cent. et oct. aut circiter [aged about 108]

Hartlepool St. Mary Roman Catholic baptisms 1840-1853

566 baptisms at Hartlepool St. Mary Roman Catholic church, from the start of the first register in 1840 to the end of 1853. This is the same congregation that previously worshipped at St. Hilda RC church, so you will find many of those same families in this register.

This register is not in Latin. It is a pre-printed baptism register, similar to an Anglican register. It does not specify the child’s gender, and does not include the abode or the father’s occupation, or whether a child was illegitimate or not. It does include the mother’s maiden surname and the child’s birth date and 2 sponsors or godparents.

There was quite a lot of variation in the spellings of names – the following sets were each from a single family: Branny/Bronough/Branaff, Kilcade/Kincade, Campbell/Cameron, Goggins/Coghans, McVady/McVardy/McAvady, Dunwell/Dunlop, Halfpenny/Halpin/Appeny. We have annotated and cross-indexed many of these differences.

Sample baptisms – in the first one, there’s a bit of a mystery about the mother’s maiden surname:

  • 28 Feb 1841 Isaac Milner, born 21 Feb 1841, child of Thos. Milner & Cath. Rymer
    Godparents or Sponsors: Rich. Dennis; Chris. Goulding
    [Note: this mother’s maiden surname alternates between Rowntree and Rymer in other baptisms with this father.]
  • 11 Jul 1848 James Hall, born 9 Jul 1848, child of Robert Hall & Eliz. Pounder
    Godparents or Sponsors: James Pounder; Apolonia Stourton
  • 30 Oct 1853 Sarah Helen Gilmore [Garthwaite], born 13 Aug 1853, child of James Gilmore & Ann Gafwarte [Garthwaite]
    Godparents or Sponsors: John Riley; Susan Riley
    [Note: the civil birth index shows this child as Sarah Ellen Garthwaite.]

We do not think the records of this parish are available anywhere else online, so this data set may yield some useful discoveries for some of you.

Hartlepool St. Hilda Roman Catholic baptisms 1834-1840

91 baptisms at Hartlepool St. Hilda Roman Catholic church, from Jan 1834 to Oct 1840. After that date, the congregation re-dedicated their chapel to St. Mary, probably to avoid confusion with the established Anglican church of St. Hilda. (Baptisms at St. Mary will follow in the next few days.)

This register is in Latin and we have left the names untranslated (but a search for the English version will find them). Nearly all include the mother’s maiden surname and 2 godparents or sponsors. Sample baptism:

  • 4 May 1834 Maria Drury, born 1 May 1834, daughter of Simonis Drury by his wife Anna olim Cain
    Godparents or Sponsors: Jacobus Maguire; Francisca Collins

Ovingham baptisms & burials 1750-1761

763 baptisms and 434 burials covering 1750-1761 at Ovingham St. Mary the Virgin in the Hexham district of Northumberland, extending this parish’s collection backward in time.

Abodes mentioned besides Ovingham include Broad Oak, Cherryburn, Dukes Hagg, Edgewell, Eltringham, Hallyards, Harlah or Harlow Hill, Hedley, Hedley Fell, Hedley Wood, Hollands, Horsley, Ion’s Wood, Laiker Hall, Mickley, Nafferton, Ovington, Pruddoe, Pruddoe Castle, Rouchester, Weldon or Welton, Whittle, Woodheads, Wylam, Wylam March, Wylam Newrift, and Wylam Wood.

Sample baptisms:

  • 19 Jan 1750 Ann Slater, of Wylam Newrift, daughter of George & Ann Slater
  • 25 Mar 1753 John [Forster/Clarke], son of Ralph Forster (of Killingworth, parish of Long Benton) & Martha Clarke (of Pruddoe in this parish)
  • 25 Dec 1761 Robert Castlow, of Wylam March, son of John & Isable Castlow

Sample burials – only one gave an age, but most had a relationship or description:

  • 20 Jan 1756 Isable Simpson, of Ovington, age: 109, widow
  • 10 Jan 1750 Ann Armour, of Pruddoe, daughter of Nicholas & Ann Armour
  • 8 Aug 1756 Sarah Newton, of Ovingham Burn Miln, wife of James Newton
  • 12 Mar 1761 Joseph Hyslope, of Wylam, pitman, he was shot at Hexham among the rioters

Dunston St. Philip Neri Roman Catholic baptisms 1882-1894, burials 1882-1896, marriages 1884-1900

Our first offering from St. Philip Neri Roman Catholic Church in Dunston, Gateshead district:

  • 761 baptisms covering 1882-1894
  • 224 burials from January 1882 to March 1896
  • 135 marriages covering 1884-1900

The records are in Latin. Most of these baptisms have the child’s birth date, the mother’s maiden name, and one or more sponsors or godparents. Some have information about the baptizee’s later marriage and/or confirmation.

  • 15 Jul 1894 Terrentius McMannus, born 22 Jun 1894, son of Joannis McMannus & Dorothea olim Porthouse, confirmed in St Joseph’s at Birtley 16 May 1920. Married Winifrida Mellon at Birtley St Joseph’s 10 Nov 1919.
    Godparents or Sponsors: Patricius Molloy; Rosa Anna McManus

There is significant variation in some of the surnames within a single family:

  • 4 May 1884 Eduardus Moody [Mooney], born 27 Mar 1884, son of Johannis Moody [Mooney] & Catharina olim Hannan
    Godparents or Sponsors: Edwardus Hannan; Elizabeth Hannan
    [Note: the margin says “Moody or Mooney”. The GRO birth index says Mooney. This mother’s surname is Herron in the GRO birth index and in other baptisms to these parents.]

Abodes are given for most baptisms from the beginning of 1885 to the end of 1888:

  • 2 Sep 1888 Elizabetha Campbell, of 30 Walker Street, born 2 Aug 1888, daughter of Joannis Campbell & Margarita olim Riley, married Gulielmo Pomeroy 18 Sep 1914
    Godparents or Sponsors: Alexander McAllister; Anna Campbell

Burials are terse (typical of this period). Since this church did not have a burial ground, the funeral service was held at the church and interment took place at a nearby cemetery, whose name is included in most of these records:

  • 9 Nov 1882 Rebecca O’Brien, of 27 Carnabie Terrace, age: 35, died 5 Nov, buried at the Catholic Cemetery, Gateshead, having received last rites
  • 12 Nov 1894 Francesca Shillitoe, of Dunston, age: 50, died 10 Nov, buried at the Anglican Cemetery, Dunston, died suddenly [no last rites]
  • 19 Sep 1895 Edvardus Connor, of Teams, age: 34, died 16 Sep, buried at the Cemetery at Gateshead, having received last rites

These marriages do not list occupations or ages, but they do provide a parent for each party in the marriage, and sometimes a former spouse or a father’s abode:

  • 31 Oct 1885 Jacobum MacAllister (of Gateshead, son of Jacobi MacAllister) married Elizabetham MacKeown (relictam Davidis McKeown, of Gateshead, daughter of Gulielmi Mullender)
    Witnesses: Margaret McQuillan; Michael Hart
  • 28 Feb 1886 Johannam Croney (of Newcastle, son of Jacobi Croney) married Saram Moore (of Redhaugh, daughter of Jacobi Moore, of Byker)
    Witnesses: John Hart; Isabella Claugh

Marriages post-1837 at Elton, Escomb, Etherley, Gainford, Gateshead, Gateshead Fell, Great Stainton, and Grindon

We’ve been working on extending our marriage collection at each Anglican church from mid-1837 (where civil registration began and many of our transcripts currently stop) to the end of 1841 or later, depending on parish size and time available. These marriages are the same as a civil marriage record, with ages (or at least “of full age” or “minor”), fathers, occupations, marital statuses, and witnesses.

We are tackling the churches in alphabetical order. In this set we have 942 marriages:

  • Elton St. John: 1839-1861 (17 marriages)
  • Escomb St. John: 1837-1841 (11 marriages)
  • Etherley St. Cuthbert: 1837-1841 (16 marriages)
  • Gainford St. Mary: 1837-1841 (91 marriages)
  • Gateshead St. Mary: 1837-1841 (581 marriages)
  • Gateshead Fell St. John: 1837-1841 (181 marriages)
  • Great Stainton All Saints: 1837-1862 (15 marriages)
  • Grindon St. James: 1837-1851 (30 marriages)


  • At Gateshead Fell: 3 Jul 1837 James Weightman (widower, publican, age 70, of Killingworth, Parish of Long Benton, son of Henry Weightman, husbandman) married Mary Crone (widow, dressmaker, age 43, of Low Fell, Gateshead, daughter of John Thompson, collier)
    Witnesses: Robert Hetherington; Cuth’t Young
  • At Gateshead St. Mary: 18 Mar 1840 Lionel Appleby (bachelor, house carpenter, full age, of Hillgate, son of George Appleby, agent) married Maria Stubs (spinster, full age, of Hillgate, daughter of Robert Stubs, farmer)
    Witnesses: Matthew Coatsworth; Elizabeth A. Lowson
  • At Elton: 23 Nov 1854 James Hops (bachelor, labourer, age 21, of Elton, son of John Hops, labourer) married Ann Cruddas (spinster, age 18, of Elton, daughter of Robert Cruddas, labourer)
    Witnesses: William Mohun Elcoate; Ann Almond


Norton baptisms & burials 1701-1761, marriages & banns 1701-1812

Filling gaps at Norton St. Mary in Stockton district:

  • 1,297 baptisms covering 1701-1761
  • 733 marriages and 97 banns called here but not married here, covering 1701-1812
  • 1,382 burials covering 1701-1761

We now have all the baptisms here from 1574 to 1846, burials 1574-1911, and marriages 1574 to June 1837 inclusive.

During the 1701-1713 period, there are two overlapping registers. The first Norton register runs from 1574 to March 1713, and the second runs from March 1700 to 1818, so in this data set, we have 2 versions of every event from 1701 to early 1713. Sometimes there is more or less or different information in each register, so we have combined and annotated where the information differs.


Most of these baptisms give only the names of the child and father. Occasionally, a mother or abode or occupation is shown.

  • 1 Jun 1701 John & Henry Frissel, children of Henry & Eliz. Frissel, vagrants
    [Note: there are 2 overlapping registers for this period. The mother is named only in the first register.]
  • 12 Apr 1726 Margaret Unthank, daughter of William Unthank
  • 31 Mar 1751 Jane Pattison, of Blakiston Mill, daughter of Thomas Pattison
  • 5 Apr 1761 Martha [Barr/Robinson], spura [illegitimate] daughter of Mathew Barr & Mary Robinson

Marriages & Banns

Before 1754, the marriages generally consist of only the date and the names of the bride and groom. Occasionally a different parish is mentioned, or an occupation or marital status. Samples:

  • 8 May 1705 William Bedson [Benson] married Jane Simpson
    [Note: there are 2 overlapping registers for this period, with differing spellings for some names. Both are shown here.]
  • 12 May 1720 Thomas Todhunter married Margaret Crow
  • 30 Jan 1732 John Catcheside married Rebecca Humble
  • 6 Apr 1749 William Smeaton (of Hanover Square in the parish of St. George, London) married Anne Tweedale (of this parish)
  • 27 Oct 1761 Richard Willson married Jane Parkinson, both of this parish, by banns
    Witnesses: Robart Richardson; John Burdon
    [Note: their banns were published in June 1759]
  • 1 Dec 1766 Thomas Mensforth (of the parish of Hart) married Elizabeth Arrowsmith (of this parish), by banns
    Witnesses: Dennis Mensforth; Thomas Arrowsmith

Like the overlapping registers for 1701-1713, there are 2 marriage registers from June 1754 to the end of this data set: the original register, and an extract of it that we are calling the “summary register”, as it provides only the date and names of the bride and groom. The original register for this period shows marriages and the publication of banns, all in one book, recorded in the order they occurred. The marriages have witnesses, abodes for the bride and groom, and sometimes their marital statuses or the groom’s occupation. Usually banns are followed by a marriage, but often there is just the banns, and there are also marriages by licence, which have no corresponding banns.

The summary register occasionally provides additional information, such as a title or a parent or an occupation, which is not in the original register, and sometimes a name or other detail is different than in the original register. In those cases, we have combined the information from the 2 registers into one record and annotated it accordingly. For example:

  • 11 Jun 1763 William Smith (age 63, of this parish) married Cathrine Winter (age 25, of the parish of Stockton), by licence
    Witnesses: Thos. Dumble; John Burdon
    [Note: the ages are found only in the summary register, not in the original banns/marriage register.]

For banns, we transcribe only those that were not followed by a marriage at this church. Usually, that means the parties were from different parishes and they married in the parish of the party who was not from Norton. Sometimes there is no record of a marriage elsewhere, either because the couple decided not to marry after all, or they thought the final banns publication meant they were married and never followed up with a marriage ceremony, or they married elsewhere and the records for that parish were damaged or destroyed, making the marriage impossible to locate today. Sometimes the publication of banns is the only evidence of a marriage. Some of the banns publications in the 1750s have witnesses, which is unusual:

  • 28 Dec 1755 John Lamb (of this parish) & Lucy Eden (of the parish of Billingham)
    Witnesses: Robert Clowson; Richard Stelling
    [Note: not married here; date is last publication of banns.]

Burial Samples

  • 23 Jul 1703 Catherine Hewitt, of Stockton, wife of Mr. Richard Hewitt
    [Note: there are 2 overlapping registers for this period, sometimes with differing information. The husband’s name (Richard) is only in the 2nd register.]
  • 27 Jun 1722 Miriam Buttery, daughter of Thomas Buttery
  • 2 May 1731 Mary Carter, wife of Christopher Carter
  • 19 Oct 1746 Frances Wrench, in the hundred and tenth year of her age
  • 15 Mar 1761 Mr. Francis Kitching, he was drow’d in the River Tees near Newport February the 8th, 1761

The few residences mentioned include Bililngham, Blakiston and Blakiston Mill, Cowpen, Preston, Stockton, Thorp, and Wolviston.