Dunston Christ Church burials 1911-1962 & baptisms 1916-1925

At Dunston Christ Church in Gateshead district:

  • 1,886 baptisms spanning 1916-1925. We now have baptisms here for 1872-1925.
  • 1,305 burials spanning 1911-1962. We now have burials here for 1876-1962.

Most residences listed are street addresses in Dunston, but a few mention Gateshead, High Teams, and Newcastle.

Nearly all the baptisms give the child’s birth date, which is unusual for this period. Here are some samples:

  • 2 Jan 1916 Winifred Sarah Rickwood, of 17 Victoria Street, born 14 Dec 1915, child of Bertram (boiler erector) & Jessie Rickwood
  • 1 Jun 1919 Robert Martin Butters Bolam, of 5 Stokoe Square, born 13 May 1919, child of Ralph Bolam (waggon examiner) & Mary Ann Bolam

Godparents are listed from July 1923 to the end of 1925:

  • 10 Oct 1923 Thomas Henderson Goulbourn, of West View House, born 19 Sep 1923, child of George Henderson Goulbourn (boiler fireman) & Florence Goulbourn
    Godparents or Sponsors: Mrs. Noble
  • 26 Aug 1925 Ernest Alfred Cook, of 7 Athol Street, born 20 Aug 1925, child of Alfred (chief engineer) & Jennie Cook, private baptism
    Godparents or Sponsors: Charles Wilson & Mary Isabella Wilson

(To observe the 100-year privacy rule and avoid publishing the birth dates of persons who might still be alive, the 2 examples immediately above are infants who died in their first year.)

Sample burials:

  • 12 Jan 1911 Cuthbert Coulthard, of 37 Spurr Terrace, age: 64, buried without the rites of the Church under the Burials Act 1880
  • 14 Sep 1916 Henry McKenry, of 20 Collingwood St., age: 31, wounded in France, died Manchester Military Hospital
  • 27 May 1918 Mary Hannah Stead, of Victoria Street, age: 34, died at Gateshead Workhouse Infirmary
  • 6 Dec 1927 Eli Whitfield, of Atlas Villas, age: 59
  • 13 May 1941 Jane Bainbridge, of 24 Keppel St., Dunston, age: 81
  • 27 Jan 1962 Mary Annie Broadbent, of 84 Ravensworth Road, Dunston, age: 78

Bishopwearmouth (Sunderland) St. Mary Roman Catholic baptisms 1834-1851

2,133 baptisms at St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church on Bridge Street in Bishopwearmouth (now part of Sunderland), from June 1834 to the end of 1851. This is our first offering from this parish, and it might be our last, as this register was astonishingly difficult to work with – darkened pages, lots of smudging and blotting, names spelled in many inconsistent ways, and handwriting that was barely a horizontal scribble at times.

Starting in the end of 1838, most of these show the mother’s maiden surname, but the clerk or priest was inconsistent about this, sometimes entering the father’s surname in both places, so a single baptism is not enough to determine the mother’s surname – you must check it against other baptisms with the same father to see if the mother’s maiden surname changes. Sometimes the mother’s maiden surname is preceded by “late”, but often it is not, so you can’t infer anything from the absence of “late” about whether or not the parents are married – most of the time, they probably are.

From 1834 to 1839, most of these baptisms list the father’s occupation. Starting in mid-1837, most baptisms have one or more sponsors (godparents) listed. From Oct 1837 onward, nearly all the baptisms show the child’s birth date.

Abodes mentioned include Bishopwearmouth, Boldon, Deptford, High Southwick, Hilton or Hylton, Low Southwick, Monkwearmouth, Newcastle, Seaham, Seaham Harbour, South Hilton, Southwick, Sunderland, and the Sunderland Barracks.

Sample baptisms:

  • 1 Feb 1835 Ellenor Jane Mitchell, of Sunderland, daughter of George (watchmaker) & Mary Mitchell
  • 7 Dec 1851 Danniel Lynch, of Sunderland, born 26 Nov 1851, child of William Lynch & Mary Curo
    Godparents or Sponsors: Hugh Brenan; Margaret Lynch
  • 25 Dec 1841 Henry McCardel, of Bishop Wearmouth, born 2 Dec 1841, child of Patrick McCardel & Catherine late Doyle
    Godparents or Sponsors: Bernard Ward; Mary Dodgshon(?)
    [Note: parents’ given names are blotted and smudged, but other baptisms suggest Patrick and Catherine are correct. Surname is McCarl in the GRO birth index.]

There are lots of Irish surnames in this set where the use of the root name plus Mc or O’ seem to all be interchangeable. For example:

  • 28 Jun 1840 Mary McCarrell, of Monkwearmouth, born 15 Jun 1840, daughter of Patrick Carrell & Catherine late Doyle
    Godparents or Sponsors: Thomas Carrell; Catherine Fox
    [Note: surname spelled 2 different ways in this record.]
  • 15 Jun 1851 John O’Connell [Connor], of Sunderland, born 11 Jun 1851, child of Danniel O’Connell [Connor] & Catherine McGaughlin
    Godparents or Sponsors: George Scanlon; Elizabeth Burdon
    [Note: Connor and McLoughlin in other baptisms to these parents.]

Some of you may be familiar with the RG4 record series, a set of non-conformist registers that were hand-copied and sent to the Public Record Office (now the National Archives) around the end of 1837. A copy of the years 1834 through Nov 1837 from this register are part of the RG4 series. However, you should be aware that the copy is missing the sponsors (godparents) and has some errors and discrepancies, some of which we have annotated, and a couple of records of illegitimate children were omitted from the copy. Obviously the original register is the “more primary” source. We do not think this register from Nov 1837 to the end of 1851 has been transcribed or indexed anywhere else on the Internet, and after fighting our way through its problems, we understand why!

Herrington burials 1840-1963

At Herrington St. Aidan in the district of Houghton-le-Spring:

  • 5,600 burials spanning 1840-1963

There had been a chapel at West Herrington as far back as 1291, but this version of the chapel, dedicated to St. Aidan, opened in 1840 as a chapelry in the parish of Houghton-le-Spring. It was later under the umbrella of the district chapelry of Newbottle, and even later became the parish of West Herrington. You can read more about this church’s history here.

Residences listed include Bishopwearmouth, Bunker Hill, East Herrington, Fence Houses, Fox Cover, Hasting Hill, Heath House, Herrington Burn, Herrington Hill, Herrington Pit, Houghton le Spring, Middle Herrington, Mill Pit, New Herrington, Newbottle, Penshaw, Philadelphia, the Royal Infirmary (Sunderland), Seaham Harbour, Shiney Row, Silksworth, South Farrington, Stoney Gate, Success, Sunderland, and West Herrington.

Sample burials:

  • 27 Sep 1841 John Fenwick, of West Herrington Engine, age: 75
  • 10 Sep 1856 William Botcherby, of Mill Hill, Silksworth, age: 80
  • 24 Apr 1877 Ann Hope, of New Herrington, age: 78
  • 14 Oct 1914 Samuel Coffey, of 19 George Street West, New Herrington, age: 28, wounded at Rheims, died in Military Hospital at Cambridge
  • 15 Nov 1933 Margaret Redpath, of 34 Success Cottages, age: 94
  • 13 Jan 1947 John Riley, of High Barnes, age: 82, R.C. [Roman Catholic]
  • 2 Jun 1955 George Henry Bone, of 38 Weardale Crescent, Old Penshaw, age: 71, nonconformist

We will be adding baptisms from this parish for 1840-1890 next week.

Newcastle St. Peter baptisms 1844-1885

1,901 baptisms in the parish of St. Peter in the city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, spanning 1844-1885. St. Peter’s was a chapelry within the parish of Newcastle St. Andrew until January 1850, when it became its own parish.

Addresses are mostly streets in Newcastle. The following places were also mentioned: Byker, Dunston, Gateshead, Heaton, Jesmond, Shieldfield, and Tynemouth.


  • 1 Aug 1844 Charlotte Craig, of Lambton Place, child of Thomas (smith) & Dorothy Craig
  • 30 Dec 1866 George Robinson Hepple, of Percy Place, child of John Hogg Hepple (carpenter) & Sarah Herbert Hepple
  • 23 Oct 1885 Ann Lunn McMaster, of Elswick Court, child of John (wire-worker) & Mary McMaster

Tweedmouth burials 1866-1885

659 burials spanning 1866-1885 at Tweedmouth St. Bartholomew in the district of Berwick, Northumberland, from a combination of the parish register and the Bishop’s Transcript.

Even though this was past the time when relationships were usually listed, about 20% of these burials name a parent or spouse, or list an occupation or other useful fact about the deceased. Here are some samples:

  • 16 Jan 1866 Martha Swinney, of Tweedmouth, age: 39, wife of William Swinney (blacksmith), buried at the cemetery
  • 18 Nov 1867 Margaret Flannigan, of Knowe Head, Tweedmouth, age: 101
  • 24 Jan 1872 Margaret Isabel Richardson Purvis, of Spittal, age: 5, daughter of Thomas Purvis (merchant), buried at the cemetery
  • 7 Mar 1874 Jane Wakenshaw, of the Workhouse, Berwick on Tweed, age: 71
  • 21 Feb 1880 William Richardson, of Sunderland, age: 51, mate of the Barque “Devon” lying at the Carr Rock, drowned, buried at the cemetery

Tweedmouth Cemetery opened in 1858, so most of these burials specify “buried at the cemetery” to differentiate from burials in the churchyard. Abodes mentioned besides streets in Tweedmouth and ships in the dock include Berwick upon Tweed, East Ord, Kyloe, Scremerston, and Spittal.

Durham St. Oswald baptisms 1700-1750

2,068 baptisms at St. Oswald’s in Durham city from 1700 to 1750 inclusive, extending our collection from this church backward in time.

Abodes mentioned besides streets in the parish include Aldernage, Alton Stile, Baxterwood, Benthouse, Brome or Broom, Brome Hall, Burnhall, Farewell Hall, Houghall, Monke Harbour, New and Old Elvet, Relly, Shinckliffe/Shinkliffe/Shincliffe, Shincliffe Mill, Shincliffe Moor House, Stotgate, and White House.

Many of these records list the child’s birth date, the father’s occupation, and the family’s abode. Some list only the birth date (no baptism date), which likely indicates a family dissenting from the Church of England but wanting their child’s birth recorded. Mothers are not listed unless the child is illegitimate. In the early 1700s, there are 2 overlapping registers, sometimes containing different information for the same baptism; in those cases, we have combined the differing information into one record and annotated it. There are also several adult baptisms. Here are some samples:

  • Nicholas Paxton, born 18 Feb 1700, son of William Paxton (joyner)
  • 7 Oct 1701 Abraham Parkinson, born 26 Sep, son of Thomas Parkinson (singingman & smith)
    [Note: there are 2 overlapping registers for this period, and the father’s occupation is singingman in one, and smith in the other.]
  • 28 Feb 1714 John Gainford, of New Elvet, born 5 Feb, son of Thomas Gainford (mason)
  • 17 Jan 1726 William Murray, son of Stephen Murray (miller), private baptism, received into the Church Jan 30th
  • 12 Feb 1749 Mary [Heavyside/Armstrong], of Shinckliffe, bastard daughter of John Heavyside & Elizabeth Armstrong
  • 16 Oct 1750 Joseph & Ralph Mitchell, twin sons of Ralph Mitchell (glover)

and my favorite from this set:

  • 23 Jul 1704 Isabel Mainsforth, wife of Thomas Mainsforth, being born of Quaker parents & brought up in ye monstrous opinion

We noticed an odd pattern in this set: abodes are listed far more often when the father has no profession listed or he is a labourer or yeoman, and abodes are more often not listed when he has some other profession. It’s as if the clerk was saying “You can have the profession or the abode, but not both – unless it’s a labourer or yeoman.” So, in any given sequence of consecutive baptisms, the abodes will typically be listed for the fathers who are labourers or yeomen or whose professions are not listed, but the abodes will typically not be listed for the fathers who are weavers, merchants, smiths, masons, etc.

In January 1726 (the last part of 1725 by the calendar in force at the time), Rev. William Forster took over as Vicar, replacing Thomas Rud. Within a couple of months, the number of private baptisms and “reception into the Church” records declined sharply, and the incidence of birth dates also started to decline by the end of the year. Luckily for us, the clerk mostly continued to list the father’s occupation, helping us differentiate between several men with the same name living in the same place at the same time.

Aycliffe marriages 1837-1841

41 marriages at Aycliffe St. Andrew in Darlington district, from mid-1837 to the end of 1841.

Sample marriage:

  • 26 Dec 1839 Charles Carter (bachelor, servant man, full age, of Aycliffe, son of William Carter, staymaker) married Sarah Robinson (widow, full age, of Aycliffe, daughter of Robert Kipling, soldier)
    Witnesses: George Robinson; Sarah Davison

The site already hosts all of the marriages in County Durham from 1813 through mid-1837 when civil registration started. We are now working our way alphabetically through all of these parishes, adding the marriages from mid-1837 up to the end of 1841 if they are not already there.

Seaham Harbour St. John baptisms 1845-1860 updated

Updated 1,993 baptisms at Seaham Harbour St. John from 1845 to the end of 1860, adding the child’s birth date, father’s occupation, abode, and any other information that had previously been omitted. We also added 48 baptisms in 1859 that got skipped the first time around.

Samples before the update:

  • 12 Mar 1851 William Thomas Watson, son of John & Mary Watson
  • 04 Mar 1855 Ann Oakes, daughter of Margaret Oakes
  • 08 Oct 1854 Dorothy Mary Green, daughter of Samuel John Green & Martha Green

and the same baptisms after the update:

  • 12 Mar 1851 William Thomas Watson, of Seaham Harbour, born 26 Feb, son of John (grocer) & Mary Watson
  • 04 Mar 1855 Ann Oakes, of Seaham Harbour, born 29 Dec 1854, illegitimate daughter of Margaret Oakes (widow)
  • 08 Oct 1854 Dorothy Mary Green, of Seaham Harbour, born 12 Mar 1853, daughter of Samuel John Green (engineer) & Martha Green, usual residence of parents, Foleshill in the County of Warwick – Angus Bethune

If a major change, such as a name or date, was made to a record you purchased, an email has already been sent to you with the correction. Otherwise, if you have purchased a baptism at this church in this period, you should review it to get the new information and see if any other minor changes were made. Log in, click My Account, then click the My Orders tab to see your purchases. If you sort by the Modified column, records that have been changed in this update will appear at the top of the list.

This is part of our mission to update our Easington-district baptisms that are missing occupations, abodes, and sometimes birth dates.

Tweedmouth burials 1800-1812

1,198 burials spanning 1800-1812 at Tweedmouth St. Bartholomew in the district of Berwick, Northumberland. This is the wonderfully detailed Barrington period, so we get ages, death dates, maiden surnames of many wives and most mothers, occupations of husbands and fathers, and a few birthplaces of parents and causes of death.

Sample burials:

  • 4 Aug 1800 Mary Gilmore late Bowden, of Tweedmouth, age: 49, died 2 Aug, wife of James Gilmore (gardener)
  • 4 May 1809 George Gilchrist, of Tweedmouth, age: 18, died 1 May, son of Joseph Gilchrist & Margaret Laidlew (his wife), drowned by the upsetting of a boat
  • 8 Oct 1812 James Mannuel, of Spittal, age: 80, died 30 Sep, labourer, native of Coldingham, Scotland

Abodes mentioned besides Tweedmouth include Ancroft, Berwick upon Tweed, Branxton, East Ord, Felkington, Ford, Greenlaw Walls, Greenses, Hathertops, Loanend, Lowick, Murton, Ord, Riffington, Scremerston, Shoreswood, Spittal, Tile or Tyle Houses, and Wooler.

Hamsterley burials 1701-1764, baptisms 1747-1764, Anabaptist births 1747-1777 & marriages 1748-1754

  • 426 baptisms spanning 1747-1764 and 111 Anabaptist births spanning 1747-1777
  • 980 burials spanning 1701-1764, including many Anabaptist burials
  • 5 Anabaptist marriages (1748-1754) and 7 “banns called but not married here” entries between 1808 and 1812.
  • We are delighted to report that we now have a continuous run of burials at Hamsterley for 1580-1856 and baptisms for 1584-1856.

Tucked between the end of burials in 1813 and the beginning of baptisms in 1814 is an Anabaptist register of births, marriages, and burials, covering the 1740s through 1770s. The earlier burial register also has several sections of Anabaptist burials.

Sample baptisms and births:

  • 27 Sep 1747 Joseph Moses, of Southside, son of Thomas & Lilly Moses
  • 6 Mar 1763 Wm. Moor, of Kazellee, son of Fletcher & Hannah Moor
  • William Readshaw, of Shipley, born 15 Sep 1747, son of Cockerel & Hannah Readshaw
    [Note: from the Anabaptist register found between 1813 burials and 1814 baptisms, starting on page 171.]

The burials from 1701 through 1705 are at the end of a register where the pages are badly damaged (mostly torn), so some information is missing from some of those burials, as shown in the first sample:

  • Aug 1703 Elizabeth Cots, daughter of Michaell Cots
    [Note: from a section of damaged pages at the end of the register. The date is torn off.]
  • 23 Jun 1721 Isabell Parkin, widow of William Parkin (formerly Curate of Hamsterley)
  • 30 Dec 1731 Robert Hodgson, son of Anthony Hodgson, buryed att Meeting House
    [Note: this may be an Anabaptist burial, as it is in a separate section (pages 68-70) of burials following 1738 and this section contains several burials at the Meeting House, which belonged to the Anabaptists.]
  • 27 Jan 1749 Isabel Milburn, of Crane-row, daughter of Robt. & Isabel Milburn
  • 2 Jun 1764 Edward Glenton, of Hamsterly, [the] elder

Sample Anabaptist marriage entry:

  • 13 Nov 1749 Willm. Young (of the parish of Staindrop) married Alice Redhead (of this Parish)
    [Note: from the Anabaptist register found between 1813 burials and 1814 baptisms, starting on page 171.]