Durham St. Oswald baptisms 1630-1699

2,229 baptisms at St. Oswald’s in the city of Durham, spanning 1630-1699

There are no baptisms in the register between January and December in 1645. Based on surrounding years, there are probably about 30 baptisms missing in that period, probably due to the chaos caused by the English Civil Wars and the plague, which ravaged the city of Durham during the summer and fall of 1645.

As in many parishes, starting in March 1647, the register was not kept up during the English Civil Wars and was reconstructed from memory or other documents at a later time. Baptisms are entered in groups with dates ranging from 1646 to 1653, with multiple children from one family all entered together with a range of baptism years. This continues for several pages to the end of this register in late 1653.

Due to the Parliament act that passed in August 1653 (“An Act touching Marriages and the Registring thereof; and also touching Births and Burials”), a new register, kept by a civil clerk instead of a Church clerk, started in Dec 1653, giving birth dates instead of baptism dates. This practice continued, gradually adding baptism dates and then, as the Church of England was restored to power, shifting over to just baptism dates by 1661.

The father’s occupation is usually listed in these, but abodes are sporadic. Mothers are generally not listed (unless they are unwed), except for a brief period in 1665. Birth dates are listed in nearly all the baptisms from mid-1653 to mid-1660 and 1695 through 1699. A few baptisms list godparents between 1630 and 1643.

Sample baptisms:

  • 13 Apr 1630 Susanna Kennall, daughter of George Kennall (feltmaker) baise gottin with Elizabeth Dun (spinster)
  • 1 Feb 1643 Richard Dickinson, son of John Dickinson (pewtherer)
    Godparents or Sponsors: Richard Whitfield, junior, Richard Kenleside & Mrs. Mary Jackson
  • George Hunter, born 15 Jul 1658, son of George Hunter (the younger, fuller, late deceased)
  • 28 Aug 1665 Heath Tempest, born 20 Aug, daughter of John Tempest (Esq.) & Elizabeth (his wife)
  • 5 Sep 1676 Henry Eden, of Shinkliff, son of Mr. Henry Eden (doctor of physick)
  • 27 May 1688 William Potts, of Aldernage, son of Michell Potts (yeoman)
  • 13 Jul 1699 Charles Didsbury, born 16 Jun, son of Mr. Godfrey Didsbury (attorney at law)

Abodes mentioned are Aldernage, Arbor House, Auton Field, Baxter Wood, Bent House, Brome or Broome, Brome Hall or Broomhall, Burne Hall or Burnhall, Elvet, Farewell Hall, Fenckley/Fencola/Fenkala/Fenkley, Heards House, Houghall, Old Durham, Relley/Relly, Shinckliffe or Shinkley, and White House.

Sedgefield marriages 1581-1812, baptisms 1754-1769

At Sedgefield St. Edmund the Bishop in Stockton district:

  • 2,354 marriages from the beginning of the first register in 1581 to the end of 1812
  • 649 baptisms from January 1754 to March 1769, meeting up with our existing collection which ran from March 1769 to the end of 1854

This marriage set includes banns that were called at Sedgefield from 1754 to 1812, but the couple did not marry there after the publication of the banns.

There are no marriages recorded from Nov 1594 to Nov 1595, July 1647 to Oct 1653, and Oct 1692 to Oct 1693. The marriage register is in Latin from 1581 to 1641, a mix of Latin & English from 1641 to 1664, and then Latin again to August 1754, after which it is in English. Before 1754, there is usually no additional information beyond the date, names of the bride & groom, and sometimes their abodes, but there is a surprising group of marriages with witnesses and abodes in 1654-1657.Thanks to Hardwicke’s Marriage Act, witnesses start appearing consistently in 1754. The marital status (bachelor, widower, spinster, widow) starts appearing in late 1792.

Abodes mentioned besides Sedgefield include Aycliffe, Auckland St. Andrew, Billingham, Bishop Middleham, Bishopton, Bradbury, Brancepeth, Butterwick, Croft, Dalton, Darlington, Durham, Elmdon, Elwick, Fishburn, Foxton, Great Stainton, Grindon, Hardwick, Hart, Heighington, Houghton le Spring, the Isle, Kelloe, Laton or Layton, Merrington, Monk Hedleden, Mordon, Norton, Nunstainton, Old Acres, Stockton, Stranton, Swainston, and Trimdon.

Sample marriages:

  • 5 Jul 1583 Richardus Wood (of Coplawe) married Katheryn Breakes (of Mordon)
  • 7 Nov 1625 Anthonius Hickson (of Sedgfield) married Margarita Moody (of Kello)
  • 18 Dec 1656 Thomas Searll (of Mordon) married Dorathie Conyers (of Mordon), married before Justis Wren att Henknolle
    Witnesses: George Conyers; Raiph Rawling
  • 7 Feb 1721 Johes Cutter (of the parish of Omn. Sact. de Vill Novi Castri super Tinam [All Saints, Newcastle upon Tyne]) married Hanna Hixon
  • 13 Aug 1771 George Blackett (of this parish) married Isabel Lightfoot (of this parish), by banns
    Witnesses: Thomas Laws; John Emerson
  • 9 Sep 1797 William Fletcher (widower, of this parish) married Mary Hildrey (widow, of this parish), by banns
    Witnesses: George Wilkinson; Thomas Oswald
  • 30 Dec 1812 Samuel Ianson (bachelor, of Foxton West Farm in this parish) married Mary Harrison (spinster, of the parish of Bishopton), by licence
    Witnesses: Christo. Ianson; Dorothy Hardy

Sample of banns:

  • 21 Sep 1755 Andrew Dods (of this parish) & Ann Haswell (of the parish of Houghton le Spring)
    [Note: date of last banns publication; not married here.]

The baptism register is in Latin until August 1755, when it switches to English. Most of these baptisms list the abode, but not the father’s occupation. Mothers (other than unmarried mothers) are listed starting in June 1758. Sample baptisms:

  • 8 Feb 1754 Georgius Howden, son of Annoe Howden (peregrinoe [traveller])
  • 1 Mar 1755 Radulphus Emerson, of Fishburn, son of Johis Emerson
  • 25 Feb 1761 Jacob Hezlop, of Horse Shoe House, son of Thomas & Mary Hezlop
  • 8 Dec 1768 Mary Longstaff, of Sedgefield, daughter of The Rev’d Mr. William Longstaff (curate) & Mary (his wife)

Burials for 1754-1769 will follow in the next couple of weeks, after which we will continue working our way back to the beginning of the baptisms and burials.

Seaham Harbour St. Mary Magdalene Catholic marriages 1871-1910 updated

490 marriages from 1871 through 1910 at St. Mary Magdalene Roman Catholic Church in Seaham Harbour, Easington district, have been updated with the previously-omitted abodes and witnesses. These Catholic marriages do not provide the age and occupation for the parties involved. About 16% do provide the addresses of the fathers. We have also returned all of the names to their original Latin forms (previously they had been translated to English, and for some names, translation can be misleading).

Sample marriages before the update:

  • 27 Dec 1873 James Long (son of William Long) married Bridget Gettings (daughter of Patrick Gettings)
  • 29 Sep 1888 Peter Burns (son of John Burns) married Catherine Daly (daughter of John Daly)

and the same marriages after the update:

  • 27 Dec 1873 Jacobum Long (Seaham Harbour, son of Gulielmi Long) married Birgittam Gettings (of Seaham Harbour, daughter of Patritii Gettings), obtenta dispensatium apostolica mixto matrimonii [mixed marriage]
    Witnesses: Patritio Gettings, of Seaham Harbour; Elizabetha McAllister, of Seaham Harbour
  • 29 Sep 1888 Petrum Burns (Doctor Street, New Seaham, son of Joannis Burns, of Berwick on Tweed) married Catharinam Daly (of Doctor Street, New Seaham, daughter of Joannis Daly, of 59 Doctor Street)
    Witnesses: Joanne Farrell, of Australia Street; Maria Daly, of 27 California Street

If you have purchased a marriage at this church in this period, you should review it to see the new information and any error corrections. Log in, click My Account, then click the My Orders tab to see your purchases and click on the Modified column to sort the most recent changes to the top. If a significant change was made, such as a name or date, you have already been emailed.

We are working our way through our Easington-district marriage collection, one parish at a time, adding the information that was omitted when these were first transcribed many years ago.

Hartburn baptisms & burials 1813-1846, marriages 1805-1846

At Hartburn St. Andrew in the Morpeth district of Northumberland:

  • 1,037 baptisms covering 1813-1846
  • 579 burials covering 1813-1846
  • 345 marriages covering 1805-1846

These are from a combination of the parish register and the Bishop’s Transcript. This baptism set includes births from the Register of Dissenters. The really wonderful news is that, starting in 1816, the clerk included mother’s maiden surnames for most of the baptisms, long after this was no longer required!

Sample baptisms:

  • John Bryce, of Cambo, born 24 Mar 1828, son of Peter Bryce (baker) & Jane Hepple (daughter of John Hepple, native of Benthouse)
    [Note: this is in the Dissenter’s Register.]
  • 3 Jul 1813 Mary Ann Thornton, of Shafto Grange, child of Henry (farmer) & Mary Thornton
  • 26 Jun 1820 Elizabeth Ann Dagg, of Wallington Dove Cote, child of Matthew Dagg (mason) & Mary Black
  • 7 Apr 1834 Isabella [Green/Thompson], of Rufflees, daughter of William Green (husbandman, of Rufflees) & Isabella Thompson (single woman, of Rufflees)
  • 22 Nov 1846 Charles Phillips, of High Angerton, born 23 Oct 1846, child of Charles Phillips (servant) & Elizabeth Davies

Sample marriages:

  • 11 Jun 1807 Joshua Hall (of this parish) married Elizabeth Rochester (of the parish of Kirk Whelpington), by banns
    Witnesses: John Hall; John Rochester
  • 19 Nov 1842 Gilbert Swinburn (bachelor, pitman, full age, of Needless Hall Moor, son of Cuthbert Swinburn, labourer) married Jane Robson (spinster, full age, of Low Angerton, daughter of Robert Robson, labourer), after banns
    Witnesses: James Swinburn; Margaret Swinburn

Sample burials – just a few list a parent or spouse or have some sort of description:

  • 11 Jun 1813 Margaret Detchen, of Parkhead in the chapelry of Netherwitton, age: 90
  • 3 Jun 1828 William [Sinclair/Richardson], of High Angerton, age: 2 weeks, base born son of John Sinclair & Dorothy Richardson
  • 6 Jun 1838 Thomas Stoker, of Deen House Longwitton, age: 8, drowned in the Hart on May 21 as he was going to school & the river was swoln.
  • 19 Jun 1845 Joseph Hepple, of Black Heddon, age: 74

Abodes mentioned frequently besides Hartburn include Angerton (and Angerton Mill, Angerton Moor, Angerton South Steads, High Angerton, and Low Angerton), Cambo, Close House, Corridge (and East and West Corridge), Deanham, Donkin Ridge, East and West Shaftoe, Elf or Elph Hills, Gallows Hill, Green Leighton, Greenside, Hartburn Grange, Hartington, Hartington Hall, Harwood, Harwood Gate, High Fairnley, Highlaws, Kirk Hill, Longwitton and Longwitton Dean, Low Fairnley, Marlish or Marlishes (and East Marlish and West Marlish), Meldon Park Corner, Middleton (and South and North Middleton), Needless Hall and Needless Hall Moor, Newbiggin, Pitty-me or Pity Me, Raff Shield or Ralph Shield, Rothley (and Rothley East Shield, Rothley West Shield, Rothley Mill, and Rothley Park), Rugley Walls, Saugh House, Scarlet Hall, Shaftoe Grange, South Witton, Temple Thornton, Thornton, Thornton Moor, Wallington (and Wallington Broom House, Wallington Close House, Wallington Dove Cot, Wallington Garden House, and Wallington New Houses), West Thornton, Whitridge, and Witton Stone.

Pontop Hall & Lanchester St. Cuthbert: marriages 1829-1841, deaths 1819-1840, deaths at Shields 1784-1789; deaths 1778-1788 updated

From Pontop Hall & Lanchester St. Cuthbert’s Catholic chapels in Lanchester district:

  • 45 death records spanning 1819 to 1840 , and 15 records on a list titled “Deaths at Shields” (from 1784 through 1789) in the Pontop Hall register.
  • 9 marriages from 1829 to 1841 plus 3 marriages “at Shields” between 1784 and 1803

The marriages and deaths from 1828 to 1840 were found in a separate register as noted below in the first sample record. We also updated our existing collection of marriages and deaths from the Pontop Hall register, correcting errors and adding some small bits of information that had been omitted.

Sample marriage:

  • 15 Jun 1829 Gulielmum Liddle (of Burn House) married Margaritam Burdon (of Burn House), impedimento consanguinitatis auctoritate episcopi jamjam sublato [the impediment to the marriage of blood relations is lifted by the authority of the bishop]
    Witnesses: Joanni Liddle; Maria Liddle
    [Note: from a register called “Notes Relating to Deaths and Marriages 1828-1842” (RC/Brm 1/23 at the Durham Record Office). Since the Catholic Church did not have a license to perform marriages at this time, this wedding was purely ceremonial. This couple legally married at Lanchester on 15 Jun 1829.]

Sample death records:

  • 1789 Anna Grey, of North Shields, died 25 Feb, wife of Hen. [Henry] Grey
    [Note: this is on a page titled “Deaths at Shields”.]
  • 1826 Hannah Tone, of Pontop, age: 98, died 24 Nov
  • 1829 Thomas Liddle, of Iveston, age: 84, died suddenly 21 Dec
    [Note: from a register called “Notes Relating to Deaths and Marriages 1828-1842” (RC/Brm 1/23 at the Durham Record Office)]

Because Catholic churches did not have their own burying grounds in this period, the burial usually occurred at the nearest Anglican churchyard. The added value of a Catholic death record is that it provides the death date rather than the burial date (and tells you that the deceased was Catholic). We have rearranged the wording in these records to clarify that the date is the death date rather than the burial date, changing records from this format (where the date looks like the burial date because this record is categorized as a burial):

  • 18 Jan 1780 Margarita Punshon, of Bushblades, mother of Gul. [William] Punshon

to this format:

  • 1780 Margarita Punshon, of Bushblades, died 18 Jan, mother of Gul. [William] Punshon

We did not transcribe the following deaths into our database because they didn’t provide enough detail, so we’re making them freely available here in case they’re of use to someone:

1838 Dorothya Rodham
1838 Jacob Watson
1838 Maria Leyburn
1840 Salvator Medici
1840 Eliz. Liddle
1842 Ralph Wheatley of Broom Hill
1842 Jno. Knox of Hair Law
1842 Jno. Gallagher of Marley Hill
1842 Barbara Logan of Crook Hall

Pontap Hall baptisms 1778-1792 updated; baptisms at Shields 1784-1790 added

Because we had to be in the Pontop Hall and St. Cuthbert’s registers to check the newly released baptisms, we also reviewed and updated our existing baptisms at Pontop Hall for 1778-1792. We added sponsors, some abodes and birth dates, and corrected a few errors. We also added 26 baptisms from 1784 to 1790 inclusive that were performed at North or South Shields (the register just says “Shields”) by the Pontop Hall minister – apparently he traveled there periodically to baptize the local Catholics.

Sample baptism before the update:

  • 18 Jul 1787 Gulielmus Newton, of Coves, son of Gulielmi Newton (Catholic) by his wife Elizabethae (Protestant)

and after the update:

  • 18 Jul 1787 Gulielmus Newton, of Coves near Wolsingham, son of Gulielmi Newton (Catholic) by his wife Elizabethae (Protestant), about 5 weeks old
    Godparents or Sponsors: Johannes Newton of Iveston; Ann Peate

A baptism at Shields, which is particularly useful because it provides the mother’s father and the father’s sister:

  • 12 May 1784 Geo. Wilson, of South Shields, born 6 May, son of Georg Wilson (Protestant) by his wife Susanna Unthank (Catholic), baptized at Shields
    Godparents or Sponsors: Franciscus Unthank, avus [grandfather] ; Eliz. Place, amita [aunt, father’s sister]

If a significant change was made to a record you have purchased from the Pontop Hall set, you will be notified shortly by email.

Confirmations at Pontop Hall & Lanchester St. Cuthbert 1822, 1831, 1837, and 1804-05 communicants

While we were recently dealing with the records at these two Catholic churches, we found in the register several lists of people who had been confirmed on specific dates. These seemed like they might be somewhat useful, serving as a record of someone’s presence at a certain time, so we created a new record type for Confirmations and put these, along with the existing Vestry Minutes, into a new category called Other Parish Records on the Search form’s drop-down menu for Record Type. If you select Other Parish Records, as the record type, the search will consult the vestry minutes, confirmations, and anything else we decide to put in this category.

When you’re confirmed, you get to choose a confirmation name to add to your first and middle names — or you can just use the names given to you at baptism. Your new name must be a Christian name such as one of the canonized saints or a hero from the Bible. Unfortunately the confirmations don’t give the age of the person being confirmed. Most of them were probably teenagers and some were probably adults. It is unlikely that any were below the age or 7 or 8. Here is one sample from each date:

  • 20 Aug 1822 Dominic Mawston – confirmation name Thomas, confirmed at the chapel at Broomside by Rev. Thomas Smith
  • 9 Oct 1831 Anna Hallerburton – confirmation name Anna Maria, confirmed at the chapel at Broomside by Rev. Thomas Penswick
  • 5 Nov 1837 Robertus Liddle – confirmation name Petrus, confirmed at the chapel at Broomside by Rev. Joannes Briggs

We also found a list of the people who had taken Communion at Pontop Hall in 1804-1805, which we decided to make freely available by adding it to our library of local history articles.

Pontop Hall & Lanchester St. Cuthbert Roman Catholic baptisms 1793-1839

261 Roman Catholic baptisms at Pontop Hall and at St. Cuthbert’s church at Brooms, both in the parish and district of Lanchester, spanning 1793-1839. St. Cuthbert’s was built in the 1790s but not formally opened until 1802. It was one of the first public Catholic churches built after the Reformation. Before the advent of St. Cuthbert’s, the local Catholics had been served for at least 50 years by the Jesuit mission at Pontop Hall.

Although these two locations effectively shared one register, from a researcher’s point of view, there are 3 registers to consult. The original Pontop Hall register has the National Archives reference number of RG4/1. The entries are written in Latin, in different hands, unevenly spaced, and some are squeezed in as an apparent afterthought. It has numerous ink blots, Latin abbreviations, and cross-throughs, making it difficult to read.

A parallel register is the Lanchester St. Cuthbert’s register, held at the Durham County Record Office, referenced as RC/Brm1/1. The title page says “Pontop Baptismal Register, copied part from Mr. Johnson’s Baptismal Register, from the year 1778”. (James Johnson was the priest at Pontop Hall in the 1770s.)  This register is a handwritten extract of the Pontop Hall register from 1778 to 1806, but apparently it used to contain entries to 1815. This is explained by this note after the last entry in 1806:

“It would seem that around 1807-8 John Bell made this copy of the baptism entries from the Pontop Register. After 5 April 1808, he ceased to use the original register and from 5 June 1809 he entered all baptisms in this book. He continued this practice until 28 Aug 1815. Then on 25 Sep 1815 he made one final entry in the original Pontop register and his successors continued to do so until 15 Mar 1827 when it was full. Because of the gap in the Pontop register from 1809 until 1815, the two relevant pages of this book were removed and inserted into the Pontop register when it was deposited with the Public Record Office. Signed: R. Richmond, 9 Jan 1990, Public Rec. Office”

Note that the pages dealing with 1809 to 1815 were removed (not copied) from the St. Cuthbert’s copy and added to the original Pontop Hall register. RG4/1 then continues, after the inserted pages, to July 1827. At that point, a new register was started, still titled “St. Cuthbert’s and Pontop Hall”, which runs from 1827 to Sept 1839 and has the reference number RG4/2284.

Because RC/Brm1/1 is a copy, it has evenly spaced entries written all in the same handwriting and is much easier to read – but it also has errors, omissions, and even some additions. In general, the original Pontop Hall register is more accurate, as you would expect. It is also more comprehensive; for example, many baptisms list the relationship of the sponsors to the child (avus, avia, amita, avunculus, etc.), while the St. Cuthbert’s copy omits those relationships and lists only the sponsors’ names. The copy also omits some mothers’ maiden surnames, especially where they were hard to read in the original register. However, in some cases, information was added to the copy that is not present in the original, including names and abodes. In entries from 1778 to 1806, if the two registers offered differing or complementary information, we combined the information from both registers.

Sample baptisms – the register is in Latin to Oct 1833:

  • 21 Sep 1797 John Dunn, of Kio Burne, born 14 Sep 1797, son of Richard Dunn by his wife Maria Teasdale
    Godparents or Sponsors: Jas. Dixon; Maria Dunn
    [Note: this baptism was found in the St. Cuthbert’s copy of the Pontop Hall register, without the birth date. The birth date is from a scrap of paper (listing several children of this couple) inserted between pages 20 and 21 in the original Pontop Hall register.]
  • 13 Dec 1802 Margareta Fenwick, of Marley Hill, born 27 Nov 1802, daughter of Radulphi Fenwick by his wife Mariae olim Stott
    Godparents or Sponsors: Gulielmus Stott; Maria Clara Wake
  • 29 Mar 1824 Margarita Pearson, born 14 Mar 1824, daughter of Richardi Pearson by his wife Annae olim Heavelock
    Godparents or Sponsors: Gulielmus Heavelock; Joanna Grey
  • 29 Jun 1836 Margaret Bell, of Shotly Bridge, born 6 Jun 1836, daughter of John Bell & Mary formerly Conroy
    Godparents or Sponsors: Dennis Conroy; Mary Doyle

Abodes mentioned include Bantling Castle, Bushblades, Collierley, Dipton, Ebchester, Greencroft, Iveston, Kio (Kyo) Burn, Low Brooms, Luns or Lunt’s House, Medomsley, Pont House, Pontop, Shield Row, Shotley Bridge, Stony Heap, Success Pit, and Tantoby. There are also 11 baptisms performed by the Pontop minister at either North or South Shields in 1788-1789, like this:

  • 8 Dec 1788 Elizabetha Wilson, of South Shields, born 5 Dec, daughter of George Wilson (Protestant) by his wife Susanna Unthank (Catholic), baptized at Shields
    Godparents or Sponsors: Gul. Evans; Eliz. Place, amita
    [Note: this small section of baptisms at “Shields” for 1788-90 precedes 1794 baptisms in the Pontop Hall register.]

Darlington Bondgate Methodist Chapel & Darlington Wesleyan Circuit baptisms 1810-1837

157 baptisms at Bondgate Wesleyan Methodist chapel in Darlington or somewhere on the Darlington Wesleyan Methodist circuit, from 1810 to mid-1837, rounding out our previous collection from this chapel, which now runs from 1810 to 1981. The register was actually started in 1812, with several 1810 baptisms and births entered near the beginning in 1813. There are no baptisms recorded between Dec 1813 and June 1821.

Nearly all of these baptisms include the child’s birth date and father’s occupation. Samples:

  • 24 Nov 1823 Jane Botcherby, of Summerhouse, born 14 Sep, daughter of Miles (mason) & Dorothy Botcherby
  • 17 Jul 1836 Mary Elwood, of Darlington, born 16 Jun 1836, daughter of Edward (blacksmith) & Catherine Elwood

The baptisms were performed in various places (as it says in the front of the register) on the Darlington Wesleyan Methodist circuit by various circuit-riding ministers. In order of appearance in the register, the ministers were: Thomas Vasey, James Sykes, Robert Bentham, Robert Pilter, D.G. McAllun, Thomas Hamer, David Rogers, James Miller, Moses Dunn, Joseph Hollingworth, James Johnson, Anthony Boyd Sanderson, Joseph Burgess, William Leach, William Binning, William Towers, William Smith, Thomas Laidman Hodgeson, Thomas Armson, Samuel Crompton, William Woolsey, and James Catton.

Herrington St. Aidan baptisms 1840-1890

At Herrington St. Aidan in the district of Houghton-le-Spring:

  • 1,051 baptisms spanning 1840-1890

The residences listed include many street addresses in New Herrington, plus Bunker Hill, Burn Moor, East Herrington, Flinton Hill, Fox Cover, Hasting Hill, Herrington Engine, Herrington Hill, Herrington Pit and New Pit, Low Haining, Middle Herrington, Mill Pit, Newbottle, Penshaw, Philadelphia, Silksworth, Success, Sunderland, and West Herrington.


  • 3 Oct 1840 Ann [Cummings/Heron], of Middle Herrington, child of William Cummings (farmer) & Elizabeth Heron (spinster)
  • 5 Aug 1865 Mary Snowdon, of Middle Herrington, child of Matthew (countryman) & Elizabeth Snowdon
  • 25 Dec 1890 John William Makepeace, of 32 Fenton Terrace, New Herrington, child of George Valentine Makepeace (banksman) & Mary Jane Makepeace, privately baptised

Herrington St. Aidan was first formed in 1840 as a chapelry in the parish of Houghton-le-Spring. In 1865, we noticed there were only 3 baptisms, all on July 2nd. There were no baptisms following that until April 1866. During this period, administration of the chapelry of Herrington was moved from Houghton-le-Spring to Newbottle. The Vicar of Newbottle held services at St. Aidan’s every Sunday morning and also one Sunday evening each month. If the vicar performed baptisms at Herrington in this period, either he did not record them or he recorded them in the Newbottle parish register without mentioning that they were performed at Herrington. In 1884, the chapelry became the Parish of Herrington, and due to the expansion of the colliery population, a new, larger St. Aidan’s church was built in 1885 and consecrated in 1886.