Aycliffe marriages 1837-1841

41 marriages at Aycliffe St. Andrew in Darlington district, from mid-1837 to the end of 1841.

Sample marriage:

  • 26 Dec 1839 Charles Carter (bachelor, servant man, full age, of Aycliffe, son of William Carter, staymaker) married Sarah Robinson (widow, full age, of Aycliffe, daughter of Robert Kipling, soldier)
    Witnesses: George Robinson; Sarah Davison

The site already hosts all of the marriages in County Durham from 1813 through mid-1837 when civil registration started. We are now working our way alphabetically through all of these parishes, adding the marriages from mid-1837 up to the end of 1841 if they are not already there.

Seaham Harbour St. John baptisms 1845-1860 updated

Updated 1,993 baptisms at Seaham Harbour St. John from 1845 to the end of 1860, adding the child’s birth date, father’s occupation, abode, and any other information that had previously been omitted. We also added 48 baptisms in 1859 that got skipped the first time around.

Samples before the update:

  • 12 Mar 1851 William Thomas Watson, son of John & Mary Watson
  • 04 Mar 1855 Ann Oakes, daughter of Margaret Oakes
  • 08 Oct 1854 Dorothy Mary Green, daughter of Samuel John Green & Martha Green

and the same baptisms after the update:

  • 12 Mar 1851 William Thomas Watson, of Seaham Harbour, born 26 Feb, son of John (grocer) & Mary Watson
  • 04 Mar 1855 Ann Oakes, of Seaham Harbour, born 29 Dec 1854, illegitimate daughter of Margaret Oakes (widow)
  • 08 Oct 1854 Dorothy Mary Green, of Seaham Harbour, born 12 Mar 1853, daughter of Samuel John Green (engineer) & Martha Green, usual residence of parents, Foleshill in the County of Warwick – Angus Bethune

If a major change, such as a name or date, was made to a record you purchased, an email has already been sent to you with the correction. Otherwise, if you have purchased a baptism at this church in this period, you should review it to get the new information and see if any other minor changes were made. Log in, click My Account, then click the My Orders tab to see your purchases. If you sort by the Modified column, records that have been changed in this update will appear at the top of the list.

This is part of our mission to update our Easington-district baptisms that are missing occupations, abodes, and sometimes birth dates.

Tweedmouth burials 1800-1812

1,198 burials spanning 1800-1812 at Tweedmouth St. Bartholomew in the district of Berwick, Northumberland. This is the wonderfully detailed Barrington period, so we get ages, death dates, maiden surnames of many wives and most mothers, occupations of husbands and fathers, and a few birthplaces of parents and causes of death.

Sample burials:

  • 4 Aug 1800 Mary Gilmore late Bowden, of Tweedmouth, age: 49, died 2 Aug, wife of James Gilmore (gardener)
  • 4 May 1809 George Gilchrist, of Tweedmouth, age: 18, died 1 May, son of Joseph Gilchrist & Margaret Laidlew (his wife), drowned by the upsetting of a boat
  • 8 Oct 1812 James Mannuel, of Spittal, age: 80, died 30 Sep, labourer, native of Coldingham, Scotland

Abodes mentioned besides Tweedmouth include Ancroft, Berwick upon Tweed, Branxton, East Ord, Felkington, Ford, Greenlaw Walls, Greenses, Hathertops, Loanend, Lowick, Murton, Ord, Riffington, Scremerston, Shoreswood, Spittal, Tile or Tyle Houses, and Wooler.

Hamsterley burials 1701-1764, baptisms 1747-1764, Anabaptist births 1747-1777 & marriages 1748-1754

  • 426 baptisms spanning 1747-1764 and 111 Anabaptist births spanning 1747-1777
  • 980 burials spanning 1701-1764, including many Anabaptist burials
  • 5 Anabaptist marriages (1748-1754) and 7 “banns called but not married here” entries between 1808 and 1812.
  • We are delighted to report that we now have a continuous run of burials at Hamsterley for 1580-1856 and baptisms for 1584-1856.

Tucked between the end of burials in 1813 and the beginning of baptisms in 1814 is an Anabaptist register of births, marriages, and burials, covering the 1740s through 1770s. The earlier burial register also has several sections of Anabaptist burials.

Sample baptisms and births:

  • 27 Sep 1747 Joseph Moses, of Southside, son of Thomas & Lilly Moses
  • 6 Mar 1763 Wm. Moor, of Kazellee, son of Fletcher & Hannah Moor
  • William Readshaw, of Shipley, born 15 Sep 1747, son of Cockerel & Hannah Readshaw
    [Note: from the Anabaptist register found between 1813 burials and 1814 baptisms, starting on page 171.]

The burials from 1701 through 1705 are at the end of a register where the pages are badly damaged (mostly torn), so some information is missing from some of those burials, as shown in the first sample:

  • Aug 1703 Elizabeth Cots, daughter of Michaell Cots
    [Note: from a section of damaged pages at the end of the register. The date is torn off.]
  • 23 Jun 1721 Isabell Parkin, widow of William Parkin (formerly Curate of Hamsterley)
  • 30 Dec 1731 Robert Hodgson, son of Anthony Hodgson, buryed att Meeting House
    [Note: this may be an Anabaptist burial, as it is in a separate section (pages 68-70) of burials following 1738 and this section contains several burials at the Meeting House, which belonged to the Anabaptists.]
  • 27 Jan 1749 Isabel Milburn, of Crane-row, daughter of Robt. & Isabel Milburn
  • 2 Jun 1764 Edward Glenton, of Hamsterly, [the] elder

Sample Anabaptist marriage entry:

  • 13 Nov 1749 Willm. Young (of the parish of Staindrop) married Alice Redhead (of this Parish)
    [Note: from the Anabaptist register found between 1813 burials and 1814 baptisms, starting on page 171.]

Tweedmouth burials 1837-1845, marriages & banns called 1800-1836

At Tweedmouth St. Bartholomew in the district of Berwick in northeast Northumberland:

  • 338 marriages covering 1800-1836. This set also includes a few cases where the banns were called at Tweedmouth but the marriage occurred elsewhere. There were no marriages recorded between mid-December 1802 and March 1804.
  • 994 burials covering 1837-1845

Abodes mentioned (several in Scotland) besides Tweedmouth include Ancroft, Berwick, Bonner’s Stead, Coldstream, Duddo, East Ord, Felkington, Ford, Greenses, Heathery Tops, Ladykirk, Lowick, Norham, Ord Moor, Richardson’s Stead, Scremerston, Spittal, Sunny Side, Unthank Old Engine, Windmill Hill, and Wooler.

Sample marriages:

  • 27 Jan 1813 John Baker (bachelor, of this parish) married Grace Johnson (widow, of this parish), by banns, with consent of themselves, both of full age
    Witnesses: John Dumble; Thomas Elliot
  • 21 Jan 1831 William Fair (bachelor, of the parish of Coldstream, Scotland) married Matilda Brown (spinster, of this parish), by banns
    Witnesses: David Fair; Agnes Brown
  • 9 May 1802 George Black (bachelor, of this parish) & Margaret Scott (spinster, of Chillingham parish)
    [Note: date of last banns publication; not married here.]

Sample burials:

  • 6 May 1839 Isabella Riddell, of Spittal, age: 97
  • 14 Apr 1844 James Stuart, of Tweedmouth, age: 115
  • 23 Nov 1845 Henry Ford, of Hazel Ridge, parish of Chatton, age: 68
  • 15 Apr 1838 James High, of the ship ‘Margaret’ of Dundee, age: 48, Master of the ship ‘Margaret’ of Dundee, wrecked on the shore of Spittal

Denton baptisms & burials 1673-1764

571 baptisms and 376 burials at Denton St. Mary in Darlington district, covering 1673-1764, extending our collection backwards in time.

Abodes mentioned include Bello or Bellow, Bolam, Denton, Hilton, Houton or Houghton (Houghton-le-Side), Killerby, Piercebridge, Summerhouse, and Walworth.

This register is mostly in Latin until 1706. Baptisms, marriages, and burials are somewhat grouped by event, but are also mixed together, requiring careful extraction and classification. There are several gaps in the recording of burials, with none recorded for August 1684 to November 1695, May 1729 to March 1739, Sept 1743 to March 1745, Dec 1750 to Jan 1752, and Sept 1759 to Oct 1761. The baptisms display only one obvious gap: May 1684 to Oct 1695. At that point, it looks like several pages were cut out of the register, and the handwriting changes abruptly and starts on a new page.

Sample baptisms – the spelling got really bad in the 1730s:

  • 6 Jan 1676 Chutbert Shawter, of Kilerby, son of Georgij Shawter
  • 13 Jan 1702 Georgius Linsley, of Bolam in the Parish of Gainford, son of Johan. Linsley
  • 28 Dec 1730 John Lanstafe, of Houghton, son of Jams Lanstafe
  • 3 Feb 1760 Marght Dowson, of Denton, daughter of Jacob & Ann Dowson

Sample burials:

  • 21 Jun 1673 Margareta Darnton, wife of Rich. Darnton
  • 27 Jan 1708 Thomas Bishopbrige, of Denton, son of George Bishopbrige
  • 8 Feb 1743 Abraham James, of Killerby
  • 9 Feb 1763 Margaret Headlem, daughter of Samuel Headlem


Hamsterley baptisms & Anabaptist births 1701-1746; marriages 1701-1797

Filling some gaps we had at Hamsterley St. James in Auckland district:

  • 1,193 baptisms covering 1701-1746, including many Anabaptist birth registrations. Anabaptists believed that a person should not be baptized until they were an adult who could express their own beliefs, but they often recorded the births of their children in the nearest Anglican register, to establish both a birth record and proof of residency in the parish.
  • 762 marriages covering 1701-1797. We now have all of the marriages here from 1580 to mid-1837.

The clerk used a unique abbreviation system for some of the primary towns, writing just “B” for Bedburn, “H” for Hamsterley, “L” for Lynesack, etc. Abodes (mostly farms) mentioned include Apeshield, Beckside, Bedburn, Bornley Row [Burnlea Row], Butterknowle, Craneraw [Crane Row], Didrish [Diddridge], Edgeknowle, Fitches, Hamsterley, Hoppyland, Howl Eel, Kays Lee, Lenton Hill, Lidgait, Linburn, Lynesack, Loop, Low Wham, Mayland, Moor Hill, New Raw or Row, Podge Hole, Potter Cross, Rackwood Hill, Ravens Ford, Redford, Rowntree, Shipley, Softley, South Side or Southside, Trow Lane, West Pitts, Wham, and Witton Parish.

Sample baptisms:

  • 6 Jul 1701 Ralph Dowthat, of H [Hamsterley], son of Ralph Dowthat
  • 7 May 1728 Richardson Blenkeship, of Linburn, son of William Blenkeship
  • 25 Jan 1747 Mary Trotter, of Mayland, daughter of Matthew & Elizabeth Trotter
  • Easter Hope, born 30 Jan 1723, daughter of Christopher Hope, born at Low Wham
    [Note: this is on a list titled “The Births of the Anabaptists”, entered in the register between 1720 and 1726.]
  • William Garthorn, born 29 Apr 1737, son of Michaell Garthorn
    [Note: this is on a list titled “Register of the Anabaptists June 19th 1733”, entered after a block of 1733-35 Anglican baptisms.]
  • Thomas Hodgson, of Lonton hill, born 30 Jul 1681, son of Anthony Hodgson
    [Note: this is on a list titled “Births of Anthony Hodgson children of Lonton hill”, entered in the register after April 1747. It is in the middle of a long list of Anabaptist births, so this family may also be Anabaptists.]

Sample marriages:

  • 4 May 1701 Gorg Emerson married Ann Hevesid
  • 7 Feb 1734 John Ritson (widower) married Elisabeth Blacket (widow), both of Hamsterley
  • 12 May 1754 Robert Thompson married Mary Wilson, both of this parish, by banns with consent of parents
    Witnesses: Christopher Parkin; William Blackett
  • 3 Oct 1797 Richard Fishwick (of the chapelry of St.John, Newcastle on Tyne) married Ursula Grey (of this parish), by licence
    Witnesses: Charles Whitfield; Michael Garthorn

This baptism register for 1701-1746 is very disordered – this is the order in which it appears:

  • baptisms 1701- Jan 1720
  • Anabaptist births 1714-1725
  • baptisms May 1726-Dec 1731
  • baptisms Nov 1725-Apr 1726
  • baptisms Apr 1735-Apr 1747
  • Anabaptist births Nov 1739-Jul 1746
  • Anabaptist births of several family groups 1680-1720
  • baptisms Jul 1719-Oct 1725
  • baptisms Apr 1733-Apr 1735
  • Anabaptist births Nov 1732-Apr 1739
  • baptisms Dec 1731-Mar 1733

If you put the list in chronological order, the coverage is actually pretty continuous, except there doesn’t seem to be a record of Anabaptist births between 1725 and 1732:

  • baptisms 1701- Jan 1720
  • baptisms Jul 1719-Oct 1725
  • baptisms Nov 1725-Apr 1726
  • baptisms May 1726-Dec 1731
  • baptisms Dec 1731-Mar 1733
  • baptisms Apr 1733-Apr 1735
  • baptisms Apr 1735-Apr 1747
  • Anabaptist births of several family groups 1680-1720
  • Anabaptist births 1714-1725
  • Anabaptist births Nov 1732-Apr 1739
  • Anabaptist births Nov 1739-Jul 1746

We are working on the baptisms for 1747-1764, the burials for 1701-1764 and a separate Anabaptist register for 1746-onward, and we expect to have all those for you next week.

Murton Holy Trinity marriages 1929-1947 updated

1,021 marriages from 1929 through 1947 at Murton Holy Trinity in Easington district have been updated with all of the previously-omitted details: age, occupation, marital status, abode, father’s occupation, and witnesses.

Sample marriages before the update:

  • 26 Jan 1929 Bartholomew Dowell (son of William Dowell) married Eva McKillup (daughter of Robert McKillup)
  • 10 Sep 1936 James Hawkins (age 81, son of George Hawkins, deceased) married Ann Garrett (widow, age 72, daughter of John Dawson, deceased)
  • 6 Jan 1945 John Canterdale Metcalf (son of Joseph Metcalf) married Lilian Lunn (daughter of Arthur Lunn)

and the same marriages after the update:

  • 26 Jan 1929 Bartholomew Dowell (bachelor, window cleaner, age 30, of 2 Porter Terr., Murton, son of William Dowell, miner) married Eva McKillup (spinster, age 23, of 31 Church St., Murton, daughter of Robert McKillup, miner)
    Witnesses: Samuel Cromwell Turner; Eliza McKillup
  • 10 Sep 1936 James Hawkins (widower, farmer, age 81, of 13 Aged Miners Homes, Murton, son of George Hawkins, labourer, deceased) married Ann Garrett (widow, age 72, of 16 Dobson Terr., Murton, daughter of John Dawson, miner, deceased)
    Witnesses: Thomas E. Mains; Barbara Garrett
  • 6 Jan 1945 John Canterdale Metcalf (bachelor, Corporal H.M.F., age 36, of 36 Church St., Murton, son of Joseph Metcalf, miner) married Lilian Lunn (spinster, age 36, of 24 Calvert Tce., Murton, daughter of Arthur Lunn, police constable)
    Witnesses: James Cummings; Cora Wilson Metcalf

If you have purchased a marriage at this church in this period, you should review it to see the new information and any error corrections. Log in, click My Account, then click the My Orders tab to see your purchases and click on the Modified column to sort the most recent changes to the top. If a significant change was made, such as a name or date, you have already been emailed.

We are working our way through our Easington-district marriage collection, one parish at a time, adding the information that was omitted when these were first transcribed many years ago.

Auckland St. Helen marriages 1837-1841

165 marriages at Auckland St. Helen in Auckland district, from mid-1837 to the end of 1841. Abodes mentioned besides Auckland St. Helen include Bildershaw, Butterknowl, Cockfield, Etherley, Evenwood, Motley, Oaks, Ramshaw, Spring  Gardens, Toft Hill, and West Auckland. These are fully-detailed civil-registration-era marriages. Some samples:

  • 26 Nov 1838 George Reed (bachelor, farmer, full age, of High Wham in the parish of Hamsterley, son of George Reed, shopkeeper) married Cicily Young (widow, full age, of West Auckland, daughter of David Jackson, tanner)
    Witnesses: George Reed; Thos. Summerson
  • 9 Oct 1841 Joseph Pedelte (bachelor, pitman, full age, of Evenwood, son of Simon Pedelte, pitman) married Mary Walker (spinster, age: minor, of Evenwood, daughter of William Walker, collier)
    Witnesses: Ralph Neesham; Wm. Davison

Tweedmouth baptisms 1800-1812

588 baptisms spanning 1800-1812 at Tweedmouth St. Bartholomew in the district of Berwick in northeast Northumberland. Some samples:

  • 18 May 1800 Peter McDougle, born 26 Apr, 1st son of Peter McDougle (baker, native of Crookham, Ford Parish) by his wife Jane late Addison (daughter of Robert Addison, native of Coldingham, North Britain)
  • 26 Feb 1812 William Carens, of Tweedmouth, born 31 Dec 1811, 5th son of Michael Carens (merchant taylor, native of this parish) by his wife Sarah late Lamb (daughter of James Lamb of Belford)

These are from a combination of the parish register and the Bishop’s Transcript, for maximum detail. The register, especially in 1809-1810, is in very poor condition with quite a bit of damage, and it looks like there might have been some pages removed in that period. We found some baptisms in the Bishop’s Transcript that were not in the original register, and a few that had more detail or differing information. For example:

  • 17 Jul 1808 Jane Crewther, of Tweedmouth, born 28 Jun, 1st daughter of Thomas Crewther (shipwright, native of Lowick) by his wife Jane late Simpson (daughter of Thomas Simpson, native of Berwick)
    [Note: some details were omitted in the original register but were included in the Bishop’s Transcript, which provided “shipwright, native of Lowick” and “daughter of Thos. Simpson, native of Berwick”.]

Since abodes were not required to be recorded in this period, many baptisms do not list them. The few abodes mentioned include Ancroft, Berwick, East Ord, Morton or Murton, Ord Moor, Scremerston, Spittal, and Tweedmouth.