South Shields St. Cuthbert RC baptisms 1849-1857

674 baptisms at the Roman Catholic church of St. Cuthbert in South Shields, from Dec 1849 to 2 August 1857. In early 1857, St. Cuthbert’s was replaced by the new church of St. Bede, but the St. Cuthbert’s register remained in use and the baptisms there were also entered in the St. Bede’s register, but we have chosen to only designate them as St. Cuthbert’s, to avoid duplication in the database. (St. Bede baptisms are coming soon!)

Catholic baptisms of this period do not show the father’s occupation or the family’s address, but they do give the mother’s maiden surname and usually include the names of 2 (or more) sponsors, who are often relatives.

There was an unusually large number of errors and inconsistencies in this register. For example, Irish surnames took on many different spellings, and fluctuated within a given family between, for example, Cartney and McCartney, Clary and McClary, and Neile and O’Neil, illustrating the special challenges of Irish surname research:

  • 20 Apr 1851 Julia Kelly, born 6 Apr 1851, child of Thomas Kelly & Mary McMullen
    Godparents or Sponsors: Henry Murphy, Ann Lannon
    [Note: this mother’s surname is McMahon in another baptism and McMaughan in the GRO birth index.]
  • 2 Sep 1855 Bridget Murphy, born 16 Aug 1855, child of John Murphy & Margt. Michael Vanny [McIlvenna]
    Godparents or Sponsors: Peter Murphy, Anne Michael Vanny [McIlvenna]

The names of fathers and sons were sometimes transposed, or one was duplicated as the other, proven by research in the civil birth index and censuses to be wrong. For example:

  • 6 Jan 1855 Henry [James] Henry, born 24 Dec 1854, child of James [Henry] Henry & Jane Cassidy
    Godparents or Sponsors: Patrick MacCullow, Hannah Henery
    [Note: this is entered as Henry Henry, son of James Henry, but we think the clerk has swapped the given names of the son and father. The GRO birth index lists the child as James, and there are other baptisms to the father Henry Henry & his wife Jane Cassidy.]

Middle names were sometimes entered as surnames:

  • 14 Apr 1850 Henry Brown, born 18 Mar 1850, child of John Hall Brown & Elenor Bernard [Burnett]
    Godparents or Sponsors: Mary Bewick, John Bewick
    [Note: the register shows the father as John Hall, as if Hall were his surname, but the 1851 census and the mother’s maiden surname in the GRO birth index prove that the father should have been recorded as John Hall Brown (called Hall in the 1851 census).]

All in all, this was a very challenging register to transcribe and authenticate. We will do the marriages next, and we’re hoping they will be more straightforward.

Ninebanks (West Allen) baptisms and burials 1837-1860

193 baptisms and 344 burials at Ninebanks (also known as West Allen) St. Mark in the district of Hexham, Northumberland. This church was built in 1764 as a chapel of ease in Allendale parish, but it became a separate parish in 1767.

Abodes mentioned include Allotment House, Apple Tree Shield, Ashes, Bates Hill, Broad Lee or Broadlee, Chair Heads, Dales House, Dryburn, Far Pasture, Farney Shield, Farney Side, Giersley Well Row, Girecoats or Gyercoats, Greenley Cleugh, Harsley and Harsley Well or Hesley Well, Harty Cleugh, Hawkup Lee, Keenleyside Hill, Leadgate, Light Shield, Limestone Brae, Middle and Middle Side, Miles Cott or Milescott, Mope and Mope Head, Moscow, Mount Pleasant, Nether Mohope, Ninebanks, Nook, Psture Head, Redheugh, Sparty Well, Spring House, Taylor Burn, Welhope or Well Hope, White Walls, Wolfcleugh, and Wooley.

Sample baptisms:

  • 15 Jan 1837 Hannah Birket, of Mope Head, daughter of Joseph (miner) & Margaret Birket
  • 16 May 1858 William Fairless, of Coats House, son of Edward (game-watcher) & Frances Fairless

Sample burials:

  • 3 Jan 1859 Ann Robinson, of Dryburn, age: 90 & 3 months
  • 31 Jan 1846 Elizabeth Short, of Mope, age: 91

Auckland St. Helen baptisms 1798-1812 updated

In comparing the parish register of Auckland St. Helen against the Bishop’s Transcript of the register, from which we originally transcribed this section, we realized that the BT was missing some baptisms and had errors and discrepancies in others. We have now completely re-done this section from the parish register. In the process, we added 62 new baptisms that were not in the BT (oddly, there are also several baptisms that are in the BT but not in the parish register, so we annotated those) and we corrected errors and annotated other discrepancies.

We compared a few random years after 1812 and found no major differences between the BT and the register. We will next check the years before this period to see if we need to make any changes.

If you have purchased a baptism at this church in this period, we encourage you to review it to get the new information and see if any changes were made. Log in, click My Account, then click the My Orders tab to see your purchases. If a change (other than a minor spelling change) was made to a record you purchased, an email has already been sent to you with the correction. If you have been seeking a baptism at Auckland St. Helen in this period, and didn’t find it, please try again, as there are now more to search!

Tynemouth Christ Church marriages 1837-1842

1,172 marriages at Christ Church Tynemouth in the Tynemouth district of Northumberland, from 1 July 1837 (when civil registration started) to the end of 1842. These have all the details you want, except that most of them say “full age” (meaning over 21, the age of consent) instead of giving the actual age.

  • 2 Jul 1837 William Parsons (bachelor, master mariner), full age, of this parish, son of William Parsons (mariner) married Emma Cooper (spinster), full age, of this parish, daughter of James Cooper (shipwright), by banns
    Witnesses: Thomas Oxley, James Pye
  • 19 Jan 1840 William Brumwell (bachelor, master mariner), full age, of this parish, son of John Brumwell (surgeon) married Mary Frances Moses (spinster), full age, of the parish of Cockfield, County of Drham, daughter of Thomas Moses (architect), by licence
    Witnesses: Martha Moses, Thomas Oxley
  • 18 Jul 1842 Taylor Robinson (bachelor, grocer), full age, of the Parish of Heworth, son of George Robinson (grocer) married Mary Bean (spinster), full age, of this parish, daughter of George Bean (butcher), by licence
    Witnesses: Robert Patterson, James Pye

Abodes listed other than this parish include many in County Durham, which lies just across the River Tyne. Primarily we see Bishopwearmouth, Earsdon, Gateshead, Gosforth, Heworth, Hexham, Newcastle, Wallsend, and quite a few from South Shields.

Frosterley burials 1869-1903

768 burials at Frosterley (St. Michael and All Angels) in Weardale district, from May 1869 to Dec 1903. This parish was created in 1866 out of the parishes of Stanhope and Wolsingham, but a burial ground was not consecrated at Frosterley until 1869.

Abodes mentioned besides Frosterley include the Batts, Bishopley, Bollihope, Bridge End, Broadwood, Cragg Houses, Dam Hill, Dryburnside, Hill End, Holme Field, Newlandside, White Kirkley, and Wolsingham.

There are a few burials like the first two, showing a connection to a relative, but most are the typically terse burials of this period:

  • 27 Mar 1876 Stephen Maddison, of Buckler Dale, Frosterley, age: 12, son of Robert & Jane Maddison
  • 11 Nov 1877 Margaret Longstaff nee Jackson, of White Kirkley, Frosterley, age: 52, wife of Ralph Longstaff, widow of [blank] Anderson
  • 30 Dec 1895 William Plowright, of The Batts, Frosterley, age: 76
  • 27 Jun 1903 Joseph Makepeace, of Frosterley, age: 75

Newburn burials 1764-1812

3,764 burials at at Newburn St. Michael & All Angels in the Castle Ward district of Northumberland. See the post about Newburn baptisms from a couple of days ago for a list of locations within this parish.

Sample burials:

  • 3 May 1764 Catharine Falcus, of Newburn Hall, wife of William Falcus
  • 14 Jun 1775 Edward Crook, of Throckley, son of Cuthbert Crook
  • 18 Sep 1785 James Bourn, of Callerton, son of John Newton & Mary Bourn
  • 18 Aug 1794 Susannah Avery, of West Denton, widow of Edward Avery

We still get excited about the amount of detail between 1798 and 1812:

  • 8 May 1798 Esther Johnson late Baliff, of Hill Head, age: 70, died 5 May, wife of Joseph Johnson (pitman)
  • 3 Mar 1803 Robert Burdon, of The Quarries, age: 77, mason, widower, died 1 Mar
  • 31 Dec 1807 Margaret Chicken, of Bell’s Close, age: 17, died 29 Dec, daughter of John Chicken (horse keeper deceased) and his wife Jane late Atkinson

These two were unusual because they listed the parent(s) of an older adult:

  • 28 Aug 1800 Mary Coin [Coyne], of Hoch Pudding, age: 73, died 25 Aug, daughter of Joseph & Jane Coin [Coyne]
  • 31 May 1812 Richard Cole, of Denton Burn, age: 72, died 29 May, son of Richard Cole (pitman, native of Lamesley in the County of Durham)

Never let it be said they didn’t live as long back then as we do now:

  • 2 Jan 1769 Cicely Fenwick, of Black Callerton, age: 113, widow
  • 27 Oct 1812 Barbara Charleton, of Wallbottle, age: 119, died 25 Oct, wife of Thomas Charleton (joiner)

Newburn baptisms 1764-1812

5,660 baptisms at Newburn St. Michael & All Angels in the Castle Ward district of Northumberland, on the edge of the city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, covering 1764-1812, from a combination of the Bishop’s Transcript and the parish register for maximum detail.  Newburn is just across the River Tyne from the County Durham parishes of Ryton, Whickham, and Gateshead, so many families moved back and forth and will be found in the records of all four parishes.

Residences mentioned besides Newburn include Bank’s House, Bell’s Close, Benwell, Black Callerton, Black Swine, Blaydon, Broom Hall or Broomy Hall, Butterlaw or Butterley, Callerton, Chapel House, Coley Hills, Cutt End, Dalton, Denton, Denton Burn, Dewley or Duley, Dewley Burn, Donkin’s Houses, Dumpling Hall, East Denton, East Denton Hill Head, Fell House, Gosford or Gosforth parish, Haugh House, Hillhead, Hodge or Hotch Pudding, Jingling Gate, Lemington, Lough Bridge, Lough House, Ludwick or Luddick, New Winning, Newbiggin, Newburn Hall, Newcastle, North and South Dissington, Pannier House, Peck’s Houses, Penny Hill, Pigs or Piggs Hall, Quarries, Red Cow farm, Red Row, Ryton, Scotchwood or Scotswood, Slateyford, Splint Row, St. John’s (Newcastle), Sugley, Sugley Field, Throckley, Throckley Fell, Throckley Mill, Traveller’s Folly, Wallbottle (Walbottle), Walbottle Quarries, West Denton, Whorlton (and East Whorlton and West Whorlton), and Wolsington (Woolsington).

Sample baptisms – for parents, at first we get only fathers and single mothers:

  • 28 Feb 1764 Ralph Soulsby, of Newburn, son of Thomas Soulsby
  • 7 Dec 1766 John Rutherford, of Wallbottle, bastard child of Elizabeth Rutherford

Mothers start appearing with fathers in 1768:

  • 4 Dec 1768 Margaret Staport, of Lemington, daughter of William & Margaret Staport
  • 16 Jul 1769 Lancelot [Jackson/Maslin], bastard son of Lancelot Jackson (of Lemington) & Mary Maslin (of Hartburn P.)

We get full parental details, child order, and birth dates for 1798 through 4 May 1812, but the mother’s father is only mentioned in 26 entries:

  • 21 Jan 1798 William Kirsop Howden, born 7 Sep 1797, 3rd son of George Howden (keelman, native of Ryton) by his wife Ann Kirsop (native of Ovingham parish)
  • 26 Nov 1809 Edward Hall, of Newburn, born 21 Jan, 2nd son of Edward Hall (keelman, native of Ovingham parish) by his wife Mary Musgrove (daughter of John Musgrove, native of Gateshead)

Starting in 1800, we also get the current abode most of the time, which is unusual for this period:

  • 15 Apr 1810 William Liddle, of Scotchwood St Johns, born 16 Mar 1810, son of John Liddle (husbandman, native of this parish) by his wife Elizabeth Hair (native of Maryport, Cumberland, daughter of John Hair, native of Scotland)

After 4 May 1810, the clerk stopped recording the nativity (birthplace) of the mother:

  • 18 Oct 1812 Ann Puncheon, of Wallbottle, born 10 May 1810, 7th daughter of Thomas Puncheon (enginemaker, native of Wallbottle) by his wife Ann Donkin

Burials for the same period at Newburn will follow shortly.

Newcastle All Saints baptisms 1806-1808

1,622 baptisms at All Saints church in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, covering the detail-rich period of 1806-1808, from the Bishop’s Transcript with some checking against film of the original register. Nearly all of these include the child’s birth date and birth order within the family, the birth places of both parents, the father’s occupation, and the mother’s maiden surname and her father’s name and occupation.

Sample baptisms:

  • 6 Jan 1806 Isabella Hindmarsh, born 26 Nov 1804, 6th daughter of Michael Hindmarsh (master mariner, [native] of this Chapelry) by his wife Jane Smith (daughter of Thomas Smith, master mariner, [native] of South Shields, County Durham)
  • 11 Dec 1808 William Blenkinsop, born 7 Nov, 1st son of John Blenkinsop (shipwright, native of Whickham, County Durham) by his wife Ann Oswald (daughter of Robert Oswald, labourer, [native] of Tanfield, County Durham)

Many County Durham residents repeatedly moved back and forth across the River Tyne between Gateshead and Newcastle, following the available work, so you will find many of the same families that are also found in Gateshead, Hebburn, Jarrow, Heworth, and other border communities along the Tyne.

Escomb burials 1850-1943

1,052 burials at Escomb St. John in Auckland district covering 1850-1943, but with large gaps in the register.

The village of Escomb is on the south bank of the Wear, near Bishop Auckland. Other abodes mentioned include Bell’s Gill, Bishop Auckland, California, Escomb Ironworks, Etherley, Etherley Dene, Etherley Moor, Fellside, Low Escomb, Pollard’s Lands, St. Helen Auckland, Willington, Witton Park, Witton Park Iron Works, Woodhouses, and Woodside.

Burials occurred regularly here from 1850 to early 1870. A municipal cemetery, Escomb Cemetery, opened on July 16th, 1863, and at the end of 1863, the vicar wrote in the register, “The old ground is now closed, except for widows and widowers of deceased husbands and wives who lie buried there. W.H. Wilkinson.”, but none of the entries from mid-1863 to 1870 identify whether the burial occurred in the new cemetery or the old burial ground.

There are no burials recorded from 14 Jan 1870 to 28 Feb 1919, and in 1919, the new vicar left this note: “There does not appear to have been any entry made in this register since the burial ground in which this church stands became a public cemetery. I, having been appointed vicar of this parish on February 19th, 1919, began to enter every funeral I took, signed William Hodgson, vicar of Escomb.” After that, burials are recorded from Feb 1919 to March 1925, followed by another note from another new vicar: “No entries from March 27, 1925 to December 1934 – no further burials were entered in this register by the Rev. W. Hodgson – entries recommence on the next page December 1934 – R.W. Hitchcock, Vicar 1934.” Burials were then recorded from 4 Dec 1934 to 1 May 1943, where this register ends. So, really, this register covers 1850 to Jan 1870, Feb 1919 to March 1925, and Dec 1934 to May 1943.

Sample burials:

  • 26 Mar 1850 Margaret Peacock, of Etherley Lane, age: 59
  • 8 May 1861 Philip Gorman, of Escomb Ironworks, age: 45, Coroner’s Inquest – killed at the Iron Works
  • 5 Mar 1925 Richard Brown, of California, age: 88
    [Note: the vicar wrote “He was the oldest living link that stretched back to the time of Rev. R. Thompson whom he saw when a little boy – the Rev. R. Thompson came to Escomb in 1821 and died in 1848.”]
  • 12 Apr 1941 Raymond Nesbitt, of Cross Row, Etherley Lane, Pollards Lands, age: 31, R.A.F. aircraftsman, met his death as driver of a tractor which overturned