Durham city marriages 1837-1841

438 marriages at these churches in the city of Durham, from 1 July 1837 to the end of 1841:

  • 239 marriages at Durham St. Giles
  • 96 marriages at Durham St. Margaret
  • 11 marriages at Durham St. Mary-le-Bow
  • 13 marriages at Durham St. Mary the Less
  • 79 marriages at Durham St. Nicholas

This is part of our project to extend our marriage collection at each Anglican church from mid-1837 (where civil registration began and many of our transcripts currently stop) to the end of 1841. These marriages are the same as a civil marriage record, with ages (or at least “of full age” or “minor”), fathers, occupations, marital statuses, and witnesses.


  • at St. Nicholas: 5 Aug 1837 Henry Robinson (widower, pitman, age 41, of Claypath, son of John Robinson, pitman) married Margaret Potts (widow, age 40, of Claypath, daughter of George Bailey, pitman)
    Witnesses: John Brown, parish clerk; John Bradley
  • at St Giles: 17 Jul 1837 George Davidson Pow (bachelor, gentleman, full age, of Saint Giles, son of Brough Pow, late grocer) married Elizabeth Webster (spinster, full age, of Saint Giles, daughter of William Webster, druggist)
    Witnesses: Wm. Webster; Thos. Sopwith; Sarah Shafto
  • at St. Mary the Less: 23 Apr 1840 John Pounder (bachelor, carpet weaver, of age, of the Chapelry of St. Margaret, Durham, son of Thomas Pounder, carpet weaver) married Maria Dunn (spinster, servant, of age, of this parish, daughter of Ralph Dunn, linen weaver)
    Witnesses: Wm. Dunn; Margaret Atkinson
  • at St. Margaret: 1 Jul 1839 James Westgarth (bachelor, ropemaker, age: minor, of Milburngate, son of William Westgarth, wool comber) married Isabella Wheatley (spinster, age: minor, of Milburngate, daughter of Joseph Wheatley, waterman)
    Witnesses: Joseph Wheatley; Wm. Westgarth

Newcastle All Saints baptisms 1811-1812

920 baptisms at All Saints church in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, covering 1811-1812, from a combination of the Bishop’s Transcript and the parish register. This completes the final gap we had in the the detail-rich period of 1798-1812 in this parish. These baptisms include the child’s birth date and birth order within the family, the birth places of both parents, the father’s occupation, the mother’s maiden surname, and her father’s name and occupation.

In the first baptism on each page, the clerk wrote “native” in the description of the father – e.g. “native of Whickham”. In the rest of the baptisms on the page, he took a shortcut and wrote just “of” – e.g. “of Whickham” – and he only ever wrote “of” for the mother (never “native of”). However, the instruction from the Bishop of Durham was to record the parents’ nativity, and after checking a number of these against earlier baptisms, we are sure the clerk was recording the birthplace of each parent. To attempt to clarify this, we have added “[native]” to the descriptions where it was not present. (If you don’t like the addition, you can always delete it from your text.)

We carefully compared each baptism in the original register to the Bishop’s Transcript, and found many significant differences – and in many cases, the BT version was the correct one or had more information than the original register, so those have been annotated.

Sample baptisms:

  • 1 Jan 1811 Barbara Lisle, born 5 Nov, 2nd daughter of Devergy Lisle (upholsterer, native of this parish) by his wife Elizabeth Cutter (daughter of Edward Cutter, shipwright, [native] of Wallsend)
  • 20 Jul 1811 Joseph Robson, born 31 Aug, 11th son of Joseph Robson (tilemaker, [native] of Corbridge) by his wife Ann Wedgewood (daughter of Aaron Wedgewood, potter, [native] of Wales)
  • 22 Mar 1812 Edward Lamb, born 3 Mar, 3rd son of Edward [John] Lamb (pitman, [native] of Tynemouth) by his wife Elizabeth Spencer (daughter of Edward Spencer, waterman, [native] of same place)
    [Note: the Bishop’s Transcript calls the father John, which appears to be correct per other baptisms with this mother.]
  • 25 Oct 1812 Barbara Atkin Stoker, born 1 Jun, illegitimate daughter of John Stoker (gamekeeper) by Hannah Maxwell (singlewoman)
    [Note: “gamekeeper” is only in the Bishop’s Transcript, not in the original register.]

Remember, in the description of a mother, even though it sounds like “native” refers to the mother’s father, it really refers to the  mother. We wish this was worded differently in the registers!

Many County Durham residents repeatedly moved back and forth across the River Tyne between Gateshead and Newcastle, following the available work, so you will find many of the same families that are also found in Gateshead, Hebburn, Jarrow, Heworth, and other border communities along the Tyne.

Easington baptisms 1911-1952 updated

Updated 2,173 baptisms spanning 1911-1952 at Easington St. Mary the Virgin in Easington district, by adding the abodes, father’s occupations, and birth dates where present in the register, and correcting errors. Also added 12 new baptisms to finish out 1952.

Samples before the update:

  • 26 Jan 1911 Elizabeth Brown, child of George & Elizabeth Brown
  • 1 Jul 1917 Ralph Harland Scott, child of George Harland Scott & Grace Scott
  • 26 Jun 1919 Robert James Jackson, child of Thomas Thompson Jackson & Alice Jackson

and the same baptisms after the update:

  • 26 Jan 1911 Elizabeth Brown, of 19, 2nd Street, Easington Colliery, born 4 Jan 1911, child of George (shaftman) & Elizabeth Brown
  • 1 Jul 1917 Ralph Harland Scott, of Howletch Farm, born 29 May 1917, child of George Harland Scott (butcher – R.F.A.) & Grace Scott
  • 26 Jun 1919 Robert James Jackson, of Albion House, born 6 Jun 1919, child of Thomas Thompson Jackson (butcher) & Alice Jackson

If you have purchased a baptism at this church in this period, you should review it to see the new information and any error corrections. Log in, click My Account, then click the My Orders tab to see your purchases and click on the Modified column to sort the most recent changes to the top. If a significant change was made, such as a name or date, you have already been emailed.

This is part of our background project to update our Easington-district baptisms with full details. We are now done updating this church’s baptisms!

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Barnard Castle baptisms & burials 1688-1761

5,254 baptisms and 4,423 burials at Barnard Castle St. Mary in Teesdale district, spanning 1688-1761, meeting up with the later records we already had on the site. We now have baptisms at this church from 1688 through 1846 and burials from 1688 through 1904.

Abodes mentioned besides Barnard Castle include Brimalaw or Broomielaw, East Shaws, Harmire, Hullerbush or Hunner Bush, Hunger Knowle, Marwood, Moorside, Park Wall or Parkwall, Rodger Moor or Roger Moor, Shipley, Stainton or Stenton, Stainton Hill, Startforth, Streatlam and Streatlam Dikes, West Roger Moor, West Shaws, Westwick, and Woolhouse.

Sample baptisms:

  • 10 Jan 1688 Isabel Apleby, of Hunger Knowle, daughter of Richard Apleby
  • 28 Feb 1706 John Cheesbrough, of Barnard Castle, son of William Cheesbrough (weaver)
  • 6 Mar 1723 Bertrum [Bulmer/Couper], of Barnard Castle, base son of George Bulmer & Frances Couper (widow)
  • 21 Sep 1733 Benjamin Bass, son of John Bass, born att Brough
  • 5 Sep 1742 Margaret Colpits, of Streatlam, daughter of Mr. Thomas Colpits
  • 26 Jul 1759 John Furniss, son of Matthew Furniss, Roman Catholick, born. Deposition of Aunt Ann Vint & Jane Allison, given to me, B.H., Curate
  • 18 Oct 1761 Robert Lonsdaile, of Barnard Castle, son of John Lonsdaile (sadler)

At least one clerk, especially in the 1740s, had a strange habit of omitting various letters – perhaps he had some sort of writing disability, or was very distracted. For example, he wrote “Cheebrough” instead of “Cheesbrough”, “Carkson” for “Clarkson”, “Fraces” for “Frances, and also some oddly-constructed names such as “Blaiblock” instead of “Blaiklok” or “Blaiklock”, and “Lynoell” and “Linoel” for “Lionel”. His spelling in various notes was atrocious, even for that time period.

The burials usually list the father of a deceased child or the husband of a deceased woman, and a few have the occupation (or father’s or husband’s occupation). Sample burials:

  • 1 Jan 1688 John Tinkler, of Barnard Castle, son of Guy Tinkler
  • 20 Nov 1689 George Rakestraw, of Stainton, son of ye late John Rakestraw
  • 13 Mar 1705 Jane Alburn, of Barnard Castle, daughter of Elizabeth Alburn (widow)
  • 17 Mar 1723 Mr. Thomas Atkinson, of Barnard Castle, Solicitor in Chancery
  • 3 May 1724 Mrs. Lucie Pudsey, of Barnard Castle, widow of Mr. Thomas Pudsey
  • 19 Nov 1742 Allice Newcomb, of Marwood, wife of Hugh Newcomb
  • 22 Jan 1759 Charles Flood, a soldjer in the First Ridgement of Body Gards and in Lord Viscount Leganears Ridgment of Foot
  • 18 Oct 1761 Mary Monkas, of Barnard Castle, daughter of John Monkas (barber)

There is one more register before this one, covering 1609-1687, which we will transcribe soon. It declares itself to be the 2nd register of this church, but it is the earliest surviving register. The original first register, covering the period before 1609, must have been lost or destroyed.

Brancepeth baptisms & burials 1813-1847

1,304 baptisms and 939 burials at Brancepeth St. Brandon in Durham district, spanning 1813-1847. We now have baptisms and burials in this parish from 1599 through 1847.

Residences mentioned besides Brancepeth include Bail Hill, Billy Hall, Billy Row, Boggle Hole, Boldon or Bowdon Close, Brancepeth Colliery, Brandon, Brawns Den, Butcher Race, Crook, Durham, East Brandon, East Parks, Goodwell Field, Haram or Hare Holme, Haslet House, Helmington Row, High Wooley, Hole in the Wall or Holywell, Ivesley, Job’s Hill, Langley, Langley Mill or Paper Mill, Lingey Close, Little White, Littleburn, Lowfield, Middles, Morley, Mown Meadows, Nackshivan, Oakenshaw, Page Bank, Park House, Pit House, Primrose Side, Roddymoor or Ruddy Moor, Scripton, Sleetburn (written as Sleekburn) and Sleetburn Mill, South Brandon, Stanley, Stockley and Stockley Fell, Stonechester, Sunny Brow, Tanners Hall, Tudhoe, Unthank, Waterhouses, Weather Hill, West Brandon, West Parks, Wheat Bottom (written as Wet Bottom), White Lee, Willington, Willington New Row, and Wooley Close.

Sample baptisms:

  • 18 Apr 1813 Benjamin Hewitt, of Hole in the Wall, child of John (farmer) & Isabella Hewitt
  • 18 May 1823 Matthew Meggison, of Stockley, illegitimate child of Hannah Meggison (spinster)
  • 23 May 1834 Elizabeth Booth, of Tudhoe, child of John (paper maker) & Jane Booth
  • 26 Dec 1847 Elizabeth Madgin, of Morley, child of William Madgin (woodman) & Frances Elizabeth Madgin

Sample burials:

  • 21 Jan 1815 Anthony Scorer, of Brancepeth, age: 97
  • 20 Jun 1821 Thomas Donaldson, of Collace in Perthshire, age: 29, killed at Sunderland Bridge by having thrown off the top of the mail coach.
  • 12 May 1839 Margaret Gent, of Durham, age: 100
  • 19 Dec 1847 William Madgin, of Morley, age: 84

Tweedmouth baptisms 1846-1885

3,838 baptisms at Tweedmouth St. Bartholomew in the district of Berwick, Northumberland, spanning 1846-1885, from a combination of the parish register and the Bishop’s Transcript.

Abodes mentioned (many in adjacent parishes and some in Scotland) include Ancroft, Berwick Hill Colliery, Berwick on Tweed, Billy Law, Chirnside, Coldingham, Coldstream, Dunse, East Ord, Eyemouth, Fishwick, Greenses, Heathery Tops, Horncliffe, Lowick, Middle Ord, Newcastle, Norham, Ord Moor, Richardson’s Stead, Scremerston, Scremerston Old Hill Colliery, Shoreswood, Spittal, Spring Hill, Tweedmouth, Unthank, and West Ord.

Most of these baptisms give the child’s birth date. Here are some samples, with some birth places out of the parish or birth dates from several years back:

  • 22 Feb 1846 Ann Cracket, of Murton Square, born 5 Jan 1846, daughter of John (pitman) & Ellen Cracket
  • 10 Aug 1851 Sarah Ann Wale, of Spittal, born 14 Oct 1839, daughter of Thomas (blacksmith) & Ann Wale
  • 21 Jun 1852 Mary O’Brien, of Tweedmouth, born 4 Mar 1846, daughter of Patrick William O’Brien (station master in the Newcastle & Berwick railroad) & Mary O’Brien, this child was born on the Island of Barbadoes in the West Indies
  • 28 Jul 1867 Richard Cuthbert, of Heathery Tops, parish of Scremerston, born 21 Aug 1866, son of William (labourer) & Elizabeth Cuthbert, child born at South Shields
  • 28 Jun 1874 Henry Bruce Darlington, of Stockton on Tees, born 8 May, son of Henry (photographer) & Isabella Darlington, child born at High Gate, Tweedmouth
  • 24 Sep 1885 Roger Rule, of West End, Tweedmouth, born 17 Sep, son of Anne Maria Rule (single woman), private baptism

Durham Cathedral baptisms 1609-1812 & 1851-1895, burials 1612-1812 & 1851-1896, marriages 1611-1896

At Durham Cathedral (Church of Christ & Blessed Mary the Virgin) in the city of Durham:

  • 319 baptisms covering 1609-1812 and 1851-1895 (we already had 1813-1850)
  • 881 burials covering 1612-1812 and 1851-1896 (we already had 1813-1850)
  • 932 marriages covering 1611-1896 (with big gaps, explained below)

The Cathedral’s registers primarily concern the activities of the Clergy and other families who lived within the Cathedral precinct and were connected to the Cathedral, plus  prisoners in the Gaol and a few travellers passing through the area.

The baptism register is in Latin from 1632 to 1643 and Nov 1668 through 1688. We have generally made only minimal attempts to translate the Latin text, as some entries are quite verbose and we don’t want to get it wrong. There are many periods of one to five years without any baptisms, and none shown from mid-1773 to early 1783. Surprisingly (and unfortunately), the Cathedral officials did not follow the directive of the Bishop of Durham about recording genealogical details between 1798 and 1812 (except for two baptisms that recorded the mother’s maiden surname and her father’s name).

Sample baptisms:

  • 24 Nov 1611 Ciprian Suddick, sonne of Mr. George Suddick (divinitie lecturer in this Cathedrall Church.)
    Godparents or Sponsors: Mr. John Barnes esquier, Mr. John Richeson the yonger, gentleman, and Mrs. Cooper, witnessies
  • 15 Apr 1792 William Churnside, illegitimate son of Dorothy Churnside (from South Shields, but now in jail for debt)
  • 24 Sep 1812 Agnes Tyler, born 24-Aug 1812, fourth daughter & fifth child of Anthony Tyler (the Dean’s Virger) & Elizabeth (his wife, daughter of William Bates)
  • 25 Jul 1855 Elizabeth Antonia Greatorex, of The Grove, Durham, daughter of Edward (minor canon & sacrist of Durham) & Elizabeth Greatorex, received into the Church & privately baptized July 16th

The burial register is a mix of Latin and English from 1619 to 1643 and all Latin from Nov 1668 through 1678. There are some periods of one to two years with no burials shown.

Sample burials:

  • 10 Aug 1623 Edward Bussye, lay singingman of this Cathedral Church
  • 18 Apr 1675 Cuthbertus Sisson, age: 87, generosi & curiae consistorialis Dunelm, procuratorus unus, pacida quievit, morte 17 die Aprilis & die sequente sepultus est
  • 6 Jun 1708 Eliz. Dixon, wife of Mr. Geo. Dixon, laid violent hands on herself, as was supposed
  • 19 Apr 1751 Eliz. Rainsford, granddaughter of S’r Jno. Dolben, baronet, prebendary of this Church
  • 25 Apr 1793 Eliza Haslewood, daughter of the Rev’d Dickens Haslewood (minor canon)
  • 25 Mar 1809 Judith Sharp, virgin, sister to D’r Sharp, late prebendary of the eleventh Stall
  • 25 Apr 1876 William Hartley, of College Gates, age: 70, Dean’s verger for 37 years

The marriage register is a mix of Latin and English from 1630 to 1641 and mostly Latin from May 1667 to Jan 1698. There are numerous one-to-five-year gaps with no marriages, and none shown for these larger gaps: 1612-1624, 1643-1653, and 1655-1661. When the Marriage Act of 1754 went into effect, because the Cathedral was extra-parochial, the church officials did not initially apply for a license to perform marriages, so there are no marriages in this register between March 1754 and July 1883 (after they became licensed to marry), with the exception of one marriage in 1836 that was granted a special license to be performed anywhere.

Sample marriages – the third one is my favorite:

  • 9 Oct 1625 Tho. Tyler (lay singing man of this Church) married Anne Sheffeild (widow)
  • 4 Nov 1675 Johannes Milner (hujus ecclesiae minor canonicus) married Joannam Stones (viduam [widow])
  • 29 Nov 1708 Tho. Humble married Alice Lawson (of Ryton, County Durham), ye one four score years of age at least, ye woman about 18
  • 5 Mar 1753 Benjamin Hunter (of St. Nicholas Parish in Newcastle) married Eliz. Rawlin (of St. Giles Parish in Durham)
  • 26 Jun 1890 Percy John Heawood (bachelor, tutor of Durham University, of Old Street, Durham, son of John Richard Heawood, clerk in Holy Orders) married Christiana Tristram (spinster, of The College, Durham, daughter of Henry Baker Tristram, canon of Durham), after banns


West Hartlepool Primitive Methodist baptisms 1852-1870

423 baptisms at the West Hartlepool Primitive Methodist Church, from the beginning of the register in December 1852 to the end of 1870.

By the early 1850s, the village of Stranton was being absorbed into West Hartlepool. This Primitive Methodist register identifies itself as Stranton on some pages and West Hartlepool on others, without specifying an address. Based on the dates, we think this is the congregation that met first at “the Tripe Shop” on Ann Street in the 1840s, moved to the new Dock Street chapel around 1852-53, and then moved to a new chapel on Whitby Street around 1862-63.

About one-third of the baptisms before 1866 show the child’s birth date. Some samples:

  • 16 Dec 1852 James English Clouston, of George Street, West Hartlepool, born 20 Nov 1852, child of John Clarke Clouston (mariner) & Elizabeth Clouston
  • 3 Apr 1865 Margaret Laurie, of Arthur St., born 20 Feb 1861, child of William (tailor) & Catherine Laurie
  • 27 Sep 1871 Ada Huntrods, of Church Street, child of Leonard (shoemaker) & Jane Huntrods

Why we think this register is for the Dock Street/Whitby Street congregation

Durham County Record Office has a transcript of this register, called “Stranton Brougham Street Primitive Methodist Church”, but we think this title is incorrect for the following reasons:

  1. Brougham Street (now Durham Street) is on the peninsula, in Hartlepool, not Stranton or West Hartlepool.
  2. The Brougham Street chapel in Hartlepool has a separate register for the same time period, with different baptisms and different families.
  3. No archive has records for the Dock Street and Whitby Street chapels, even though Whitby Street is referred to in histories as the “mother church” of Primitive Methodism in West Hartlepool.
  4. We cannot find any other location for a Primitive Methodist church in West Hartlepool in this time frame. The histories and newspapers say one existed, but they don’t give its location. Newspapers record the laying of the foundation stone for a new Primitive Methodist church at Dock Street in 1851 and the subsequent laying of a foundation stone at the corner of Whitby & Reed streets in 1861. In 1864, the new Hartlepool Primitive Methodist Circuit was split off from the Stockton Circuit and Primitive Methodist records say that the new Hartlepool circuit had 2 chapels at that time: Brougham Street (Hartlepool) and Whitby Street at the corner of Reed & Whitby in West Hartlepool.

Middleton St. George marriages 1616-1753

At Middleton St. George (St. George) in Darlington district: 188 marriages from the beginning of the first register in 1616 to the end of 1753 . We now have all the marriages at this church from 1616 to mid-1837.

Many of these years show only one or two marriages per year. No marriages are shown for 1617, 1624, 1632, 1634, 1637, 1639, 1642-43, Feb 1644 to Apr 1650, 1654, 1656-57, 1659, 1662, 1664-65, 1669-70, 1680-81, 1684, 1687-88, 1692-1696, 1698-99, 1704, 1708, 1713, 1723-24, 1731, 1734, 1738, and 1743. While the gaps could be due to the relatively small population of the parish, it seems like the clerk may have neglected to record multiple years here and there, probably due to plague, war, and other disturbances.

These marriages are very terse, typical of this time frame. Some samples:

  • 30 Apr 1616 Edward Alanson married Jayn Andrew
  • 8 Oct 1636 Xpofer [Christopher] Allenson married Isabell Hull (widdow)
  • 1 May 1690 Marmaduke Wetherell married Hanna Dickson (of Hill close house, Darnton)
    [Note: this marriage actually lists the bride first, which is very unusual.]
  • 6 Jul 1737 Anthony Simpson (of Hutton Rudbe parish) married Eloner Armestrong (of Midleton)