Marriages 1837-1841 or 1851 at Barnard Castle, Billingham, Bishop Middleham, Boldon, Brancepeth, Cockfield, Coniscliffe, Croxdale, Darlington, Denton, Dinsdale

We’ve been working on extending our marriage collection at each Anglican church from mid-1837 (where civil registration began and many of our transcripts currently stop) to the end of 1841 or 1851, depending on parish size and time available. These marriages are, of course, just like a civil marriage record, with ages (or at least “of full age” or “minor”), fathers, occupations, marital statuses, and witnesses.

We are tackling the churches in alphabetical order. In this set we have 768 marriages:

  • Barnard Castle St. Mary 1837-1841 (153 marriages)
  • Billingham St. Cuthbert 1837-1841 (46 marriages)
  • Bishop Middleham St. Michael 1837-1841 (48 marriages)
  • Boldon St. Nicholas 1837-1841 (20 marriages)
  • Brancepeth St. Brandon 1837-1842 (70 marriages)
  • Cockfield St. Mary 1837-1841 (39 marriages)
  • Coniscliffe St. Edwin 1837-1841 (13 marriages)
  • Croxdale St. Bartholomew 1837-1851 (14 marriages)
  • Darlington St. Cuthbert 1837-1841 (340 marriages)
  • Denton St. Mary 1837-1851 (15 marriages)
  • Dinsdale St. John the Baptist 1838-1851 (10 marriages)

Some samples:

  • At Darlington St. Cuthbert: 6 Aug 1837 James Hitchin Emidy (bachelor, riding master, full age, of Darlington, son of Joseph Emidy, author of music) married Emily Maria Jane Bess Ayre (spinster, age: minor, of Richmond, daughter of George Ayre, captain in the Army)
    Witnesses: William Teal; Mary Earl
  • At Denton St. Mary: 24 Jun 1849 William Atkinson (widower, pensioner, full age, of Denton, son of Richard Atkinson, farmer of cattle) married Hannah Lamb (widow, full age, of Denton, daughter of Thomas Kellet, labourer)
    Witnesses: Jonathan Kellet; Thomas Walker
  • At Barnard Castle St. Mary: 24 May 1838 Thomas Wouldhave (bachelor, weaver, age 20, of Bridgegate, son of John Wouldhave, dyer) married Ann McDowell (widow, full age, of Thorngate, daughter of William Lyon, shoemaker)
    Witnesses: William Barnes; Jane Barnes

Netherwitton marriages 1795-1861

120 marriages at Netherwitton St. Giles in the district of Morpeth, Northumberland, spanning 1795-1861, from a combination of the parish register and the Bishop’s Transcript.

This parish was small and sparsely populated in this period, so there are many years in which no one got married here (often a gap of one or two years between marriages).

Sample marriages:

  • 6 Apr 1797 William Tweedy (of Hudspeth in the parish of Elsdon) married Hannah Redshaw (of Ritton in this parish), by licence
    Witnesses: Joseph Fenwick; Isabella Redshaw
  • 1 Dec 1839 Matthew Wintrip (widower, countryman, full age, of Coat Yards Lane, son of John Wintrip, farmer) married Jane Taylor (spinster, full age, of Wimgate Moor, daughter of John Taylor, countryman), after banns
    Witnesses: James Scott; Maria Davison

Abodes mentioned include Birkheads, Ewesley, Felton, Hartburn, Longhorsley, Netherwitton, Ritton, and Rothbury.

Hartlepool Wesleyan Methodist (Northgate St) baptisms 1874-1886

381 baptisms at the Hartlepool Wesleyan Methodist Church on Northgate Street in Hartlepool, from mid-1874 to the end of 1886. Besides street addresses in Hartlepool, abodes mentioned include Castle Eden Colliery, Egypt (near Hartlepool), Elwick, Greatham, Hart, Hart Warren, Hutton Henry, Middleton, Throston, and West Hartlepool.

These baptisms do not show the father’s occupation, but nearly all of them  do show the child’s birth date. Here are some samples:

  • 21 Apr 1875 Mary Florence Ward, of West Hartlepool, born 28 Sep 1873, daughter of John & Sarah Ward
  • 3 Mar 1880 Albert Beresford Horsley, of 18 Cliff Terrace, Hartlepool, born 2 Jan 1880, son of George & Alethea Horsley
  • 5 May 1886 Ethel Ainslie, of 44 Hermit St, Hartlepool, born 8 Apr 1886, daughter of Alexander Ainslie & Mary Jane Ainslie


Easington baptisms 1852-1910 updated

Updated 2,136 baptisms spanning 1852-1910 at Easington St. Mary the Virgin, by adding the abodes, father’s occupations, and birth dates where present in the register, and correcting errors.

Samples before the update:

  • 18 Apr 1852 Robert Jefferson, son of Richard & Mary Jefferson
  • 6 Feb 1878 Thomas English, child of George & Hannah English
  • 1 Jul 1909 Ada Clark, child of George & Frances Clark

and the same baptisms after the update:

  • 18 Apr 1852 Robert Jefferson, of Shotton Colliery, son of Richard (waggonman) & Mary Jefferson
  • 6 Feb 1878 Thomas English, of Howletch, child of George (farmer) & Hannah English, private baptism
  • 1 Jul 1909 Ada Clark, of Easington, born 20 Jun 1909, child of George (sinker) & Frances Clark

This is part of our background project to update our Easington-district baptisms with full details. If you have purchased a baptism at this church in this period, you should review it to see the new information and any error corrections. Log in, click My Account, then click the My Orders tab to see your purchases and click on the Modified column to sort the most recent changes to the top. If a significant change was made, such as a name or date, you have already been emailed.


Lanchester baptisms 1852-1865

1,371 baptisms at Lanchester All Saints in Lanchester district, covering 1852-1865. We now have over 300 years of baptisms here, from the first available register in 1560 to the end of 1865.

Abodes mentioned include Annfield Plain, Bargate, Berry Edge, Broomhouse, Burnhope, Burnhope Colliery, Burnhope Flatt, Caribees, Castleside, Chapman’s Well, Colepike, Crag Head or Craghead, Craghead Colliery, Crook Hall, David’s Town, East Field Cottages, Edmondsley, Fawside, Fen Hall, Greencroft, Happyland, Holmside, Hornsby or Ornsby Hill, Hurbuck, Iveston or Ivestone, Jaw Blades, Knitsley Grange and Knitsley Mill, Lanchester, Langley, Leadgate, Low Town, Maiden Law, Morrow Field, Newbiggin, Nursing Field, Quaking House Colliery, Redwell Hills, South Annfield, South Moor and South Moor Colliery, Stand Against All, Stoney Heap, Try em All, Wagtail, White House, and Woodlands.

Many of these baptisms have the child’s birth date, especially after 1859. Samples:

  • 21 Mar 1852 John Thomas Glendinning, of Waskerley, son of Joseph Glendinning (wagon rider) & Ann Bell Glendinning
  • 2 Apr 1858 Joseph Carter, of Holmeside, born 5 Apr 1854, son of Henry Edward Coulson Carter (woodman) & Elizabeth Carter
  • 24 Dec 1865 Dorothy Anne Golightly, of Crag Head, born 8 Nov 1865, daughter of Richard (collier) & Margaret Golightly

The order of entries in the register after 1863 became very chaotic, with different months and even different years all entered together, not in chronological order. It is possible that the clerk was gathering records from different chapels within the parish of Lanchester and entering them in the All Saints register as he received them, but the records do not tell us which chapels they are from (or if that is even the case).

Middleton St. George burials 1619-1767, marriages & banns 1754-1812

At Middleton St. George (St. George) in Darlington district:

  • 593 burials from the beginning of the first register in 1616 to the end of 1767. We now have all the burials at this church from 1616 to the end of 1903.
  • 85 marriages and 10 “banns called not married here” covering 1754-1812

There are numerous one-year to two-year gaps in the recording of burials throughout this entire set. While this could be accounted for by the relatively small population of the parish, it also seems like the clerk may have neglected to record entire years here and there. The 1640s are particularly sparse. The longest continuous periods with no burials are 1634-1636, mid-1713 to mid-1715, and mid-1758 to mid-1760. Most other gaps were 12 to 18 months, occurring regularly every few years, and many years had only one or two burials per year.

Bubonic plague swept through County Durham in 1645 and no burials were recorded in that year until December, when a number of burials were recorded with this note:

 “A note of such as died in tym of the sicknes forgotten to be sett downe in their prop. place”.

Latin names were used in 1695-1699. Occupations start appearing regularly in 1756. Only a few burials list an abode. Here are some samples:

  • 1 May 1616 Anne Feldhouse
  • 6 Mar 1626 Rebecca Wilkinson, the supposed daughter of Thomas Wilkinson
  • 25 Sep 1647 Elizabeth Daile, wife of William Daile
    [Note: this is on a list titled “A note of such as died in tym of the sicknes forgotten to be sett downe in their prop. place”, found in Vol. 1 page 112.]
  • 26 Jan 1697 Gulielmus Peacock, son of Johannis Peacock
  • 22 Nov 1718 Mary Kinge, wife of Marmeduke Kinge
  • 14 Feb 1747 William Noble, Rector of Midleton and Dinsdale, departed this Life February ye 11th day at 8 at night and was buryed February ye 14th in Dinsdale Parrish Church in the Quire, 1746/7 being Rector of Midleton 24 years 19 weeks and one day.
  • 25 May 1764 Elizabeth Ingledew, of Yarm, daughter of Silvester Ingledew (butcher)

Sample marriage (occasionally, an occupation or marital status is shown) and banns:

  • 31 Jan 1757 Thomas Brewis (of the parish of Smeaton) married Elisabeth Pinchar (of this parish)
    Witnesses: John Pinchar; Thomas Ollever
  • 10 Jan 1765 Thomas Hopper (yeoman, of the parish of Cockfield) married Elizabeth Cooke (widow, of this parish)
    Witnesses: Thos. Wilkinson; Robert Todd
  • Banns: 25 Nov 1798 Thomas Battensby (of this parish) & Barbara Ord (of the parish of Smeaton)
    [Note: not married here; date is date of last banns publication.]

Abodes mentioned in marriages include many adjacent parishes: Barton, Croft, Darlington, Dinsdale, Egglescliffe, Hurworth, Smeaton, St. Andrew Auckland, and Yarm.

Newcastle St. Ann baptisms 1898-1901

1,030 baptisms at St. Ann’s in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, from the beginning of 1898 to the end of 1901. Nearly all of these have the child’s birth date. Here are some samples:

  • 12 Jan 1898 Amy Elizabeth Forster, of 5 Crawhall Road, born 18 Dec 1897, daughter of Edward (steam tug owner) & Rebecca Forster
  • 23 Nov 1898 Aaron Lumsden, of Industrial School, born 5 Aug 1883, son of Thomas (engineer) & Isabella Lumsden
    [Note: one of several baptisms from the Industrial School on this day, all for boys born in 1883]
  • 18 Dec 1901 William Dugdale, of 56 Ouseburn Rd, born 4 Dec 1901, son of Joseph (sawdust merchant) & Ellen Dugdale

Durham St. Margaret baptisms, burials, marriages 1701-1764; banns 1653-1658, 1754-1812

We have filled the gaps at St. Margaret’s in the city of Durham with:

  • 2,853 baptisms spanning 1701-1764 and 30 births of dissenters spanning 1701-1719
  • 3,213 burials spanning 1701 to 1764 (including 33 flagged as dissenters)
  • 832 marriages spanning 1701 to 1764
  • 21 publications of intent to marry (the precursor to banns) between 1653 and 1658
  • 219 banns publications where the couple did not marry here, spanning 1754-1812 (banns were not recorded between 1658 and 1754)
St. Margaret’s was a chapelry in the parish of St. Oswald, with its church situated at the junction of Crossgate and South Street. It includes the townships of Crossgate and Framwellgate, which are abbreviated numerous ways in these records, with the briefest being “Cr.” and “Fr.” respectively.
In the baptisms before Dec 1732, only the father is named, and mothers are named only for illegitimate children. Abodes are given from 1701 to late 1711 and the father’s occupation is usually given from 1701 to March 1702; after those end dates, abodes and the father’s occupation appear only occasionally. There are 5 pages of births and burials of dissenters at the beginning of the 1652-1720 register, plus a few births of dissenters written upside down on the last page. Here are some sample baptisms:
  • 5 Jan 1701 Thomas Swalwell, of Framwelgate, son of Thomas Swalwell (mayson)
  • 16 Jan 1711 Rebecca Harbuttall, of Sut’stritt [South Street], daughter of William Harbuttall
  • 1713 Janne Dent, born 4 Apr 1713, daughter of Thomas Dent
    [Note: this is on a list of the births of dissenters, in the first 5 pages of the 1652-1720 register.]
  • 11 Oct 1725 David Kay, of Framw. [Framwellgate], son of Robert Kay (joyner)
  • 8 Jul 1733 Edward Preston, son of William & Alice Preston
  • 23 Sep 1764 Petter [Hutchinson/Duckett], bastard son of Robert Hutchinson & Elizabeth Duckett

Marriage witnesses start appearing in 1754, as usual. Before that, abodes appear infrequently (generally only if the bride or groom lived outside the parish), so many marriages before 1754 consist of just the date and the names of the bride & groom. Here are some sample marriages, banns, and intents to marry:

  • 9 Sep 1654 John Jolly & Margaret Baker (of South Sheels), intention to marry published in the Markett
    [Note: date of last banns publication; not married here.]
  • 3 Mar 1701 Thomas Thompson (of the parish of Sedgefield) married Alice Snawdon
  • 24 Aug 1724 Thomas Cook married Elizabeth Smart (a common strumpet)
  • 7 Apr 1743 Anthony Coltman married Eleanor Darnbrough
  • 23 Oct 1752 Robert Wardle married Mary Mowbray, by banns
  • 4 Dec 1764 John Ingram married Caroline Whitaker, both of this chapelry, by licence
    Witnesses: Robert Dobson; Margaret Moss
  • 28 Jun 1812 Matthew Buddle (of the parish of St. Oswald’s) & Mary Anderson (of this chapelry)
    [Note: date of last banns publication; not married here.]

Between 5 Jan 1754 and 3 Oct 1756, there is only one burial, in Sept 1755. We get some fathers’ occupations in the first 2 years, and abodes (usually abbreviated) are listed in most burials until the end of 1711; after that, we see very few occupations or abodes. Fathers and single mothers of deceased children are often listed, as is the wife of a deceased man. For children, we start getting the mother as well as the father in early 1733. Sample burials:

  • 21 Jan 1701 James Starford, of Crossgate, sonne of Henry Starford (roper)
  • 19 Jun 1710 Jane Rowwell, of Cros [gate], widdow
  • 6 Jun 1717 George Dent, son of Thomas Dent
    [Note: this is on a list of burials of dissenters, in the first 5 pages of the 1652-1720 register.]
  • 30 Jul 1722 Truth Salkeld, wife of Mr. Lancelot Salkeld
  • 8 Jun 1733 Thomas Parmelly, son of Cuthbert & Mary Parmelly
  • 17 Feb 1741 Thomas Longstaff, son of Robert & Mary Longstaff
  • 13 Feb 1751 Jane [Caldcleugh/Chapman], daughter of Thos. Caldcleugh & Frances Chapman, bastard
  • 24 Jan 1764 Catheren Coxen, wife of Edward Coxen

We are very happy to now have all the baptisms and burials at St. Margaret’s from the beginning of the first register in 1558 to the end of 1849 (plus burials 1920-early 1940), and marriages from 1558 through June 1837 plus all existing marriage banns for 1653-1812.

Haswell St. Paul baptisms 1867-1934 updated

Updated 3,206 baptisms spanning 1867-1934 at Haswell St. Paul in Easington district, with abodes, birth dates (present in about 1/3 of these), and the occupations of the fathers and single mothers. We also added 3 baptisms we’d missed, and 27 baptisms in 1934 to finish out the year – these were not available when we first did this transcription many years ago.

Sample baptisms before the update:

  • 31 Dec 1890 Hilda Smith, child of Charles Smith & Emma Jane Smith
  • 15 Sep 1918 Muriel Elizabeth Smith, child of Michael & Bertha Smith

and the same baptisms after the update:

  • 31 Dec 1890 Hilda Smith, of Haswell, born 8 Dec 1890, child of Charles Smith (dealer in musical instruments) & Emma Jane Smith
  • 15 Sep 1918 Muriel Elizabeth Smith, of 14 Pesspool Terrace, Haswell, born 16 Aug 1918, child of Michael (foreman at Tuthill Limestone Quarry) & Bertha Smith

This is part of our background project to update our Easington-district baptisms with full details. If you have purchased a baptism at this church in this period, you should review it to see the new information and any error corrections. Log in, click My Account, then click the My Orders tab to see your purchases and click on the Modified column to sort the most recent changes to the top. If a significant change was made, such as a name or date, you have already been emailed.

Netherwitton baptisms & burials 1794-1860

In another new-to-this-site parish, we have 756 baptisms and 536 burials at Netherwitton St. Giles in the district of Morpeth, Northumberland, spanning 1794-1860, from a combination of the parish register and the Bishop’s Transcript.

Abodes mentioned include Bellion, Birkheads, Birkyburn, Buckshaw, Clayton’s House, Coalhouses, Coatyards, Colt Park, Combhill, Doehill, Ewesley, Folly House, Font Green, Garley Side, Garret Lee, Green Leighton, Healey, Keyhirst, Longlee, Longshaws, Longwitton, Morpeth, Needless Hall Moor, Netherwitton, Netherwitton Barns, Nunnykirk, Nunriding, Old Park, Park Head or Parkhead, Park Wall or Parkwall, Reaburn, Ritton, Ritton Whitehouse, Rothley Shields, Roughlees or Rufflees, Shelley, Stanton, Wingates, Witton Shields, Woodbine Cottage.

We liked this parish clerk a lot because, in the baptisms, he continued some of the 1798-1812 level of detail into 1813. After a slight gap in this practice, in August 1816 he resumed adding just the mother’s maiden surname to baptisms and continued doing that all the way to the end of 1857, with very few exceptions.

Sample baptisms:

  • 5 Oct 1794 Peter Burn, of Buckshaw, son of William & Isable Burn
  • 6 May 1798 Joseph & Benjamin Burn, born 5 Aug 1797, 8th & 9th sons of William Burn (farmer, native of Netherwitton) by his wife Isabel Ramsay (native of Bolam)
  • 9 May 1813 John Farrer, born 2 Aug, 1st son of Thomas Farrer (house carpenter, native of Netherwitton) by his wife Margaret heretofore Heads (native of Brampton Cumberland)
  • 6 Apr 1824 William [Lowton/Hume], base born child of Joseph Lowton (labourer, sworn father, of Morpeth) & Jane Hume (single woman, of Combe Hills)
  • 12 Jan 1841 Barbara Sproat, of Healey, child of William Sproat (farmer) & Mary Hudson
  • 29 Dec 1860 Roger Sproat, of Netherwitton, child of William (wood merchant) & Margaret Sproat

The burials from 1798-1812 are typically detailed and the burials outside this period are typically terse. However, in 1823-1828, the clerk (seemingly randomly) included a few fathers and spouses, which was unusual but welcome. The register noted that there were no burials in 1839. Sample burials:

  • 19 Aug 1794 Margaret Trevelyan, of Netherwitton, wife of Walter Trevelyan (esqr.)
  • 27 Jul 1798 John Farrer, of Netherwitton, age: 76, died 25 Jul, labourer, husband, first of Ann late Brewis, and then of Margaret late Wilson (deceased)
  • 3 Sep 1812 Edwin Sproat, of Healey, age: 2, died 1 Sep, son of Robert Sproat (farmer) by his wife Barbara heretofore Dodds
  • 31 Mar 1822 Samuel George, of Ritton, age: 102
  • 30 Jun 1836 Mary Cairns, of Wittonshield, age: 71
  • 10 Sep 1857 the Rev’d Richard Wearing, of [the] Parsonage, Netherwitton, age: 56