Monk Hesleden St. Mary baptisms 1858-1881 updated

We have updated 1,074 baptisms at Monk Hesleden St. Mary in Easington district with the occupations of the fathers and some abodes that had been omitted, from 1858 to 1881 inclusive. We also made minor error corrections.

Samples – before the update:

  • 5 Feb 1858 Jane Ellen Hallimond, of Sheraton, child of Thompson & Ellen Hallimond
  • 5 Jan 1868 Mary Anne Nichol, of Hart Bushes, child of Robert & Elizabeth Nichol
  • 21 Mar 1876 William Appleton, child of William Appleton & Jane Ann Appleton

After the update:

  • 5 Feb 1858 Jane Ellen Hallimond, of Sheraton, child of Thompson (hind) & Ellen Hallimond
  • 5 Jan 1868 Mary Anne Nichol, of Hart Bushes, child of Robert (butcher) & Elizabeth Nichol
  • 21 Mar 1876 William Appleton, of Castle Eden Colliery, child of William Appleton (police constable) & Jane Ann Appleton

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This is part of our mission to update our Easington-district baptisms that are missing occupations and abodes. We expect to complete this parish in January.

Greatham Wesleyan Methodist baptisms 1878-1917

90 baptisms spanning 1878-1917 at the Greatham Wesleyan Methodist Chapel in Hartlepool district. These baptisms typically have the child’s birth date, but not the occupation of the father. Here are some samples:

  • 18 Mar 1879 Robert Middleton, of Fence House near Greatham, born 10 Dec 1878, son of William & Mary Middleton
  • 22 May 1892 Edward Woodall, of 11 Saltaire Terrace, Greatham, born 30 Apr 1892, son of William & Catherine Woodall

Newcastle St. Andrew baptisms 1825-1839

4,910 baptisms at St. Andrew’s church in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, covering 1825 through 1839. Abodes listed are mostly streets in Newcastle, but also include the Newcastle parishes of All Saints and St. John, plus nearby Cox Lodge, Gateshead, Gosforth, Jesmond, Kenton, Slatyford, and Spital Tongues. A few of these have birth dates, and quite a few baptisms are for children of soldiers from various regiments stationed at the Newcastle Barracks.

Sample baptisms:

  • 1 Jan 1825 Cornelius Forster, of Gosforth parish, son of John (pitman) & Margaret Forster
  • 2 Jul 1830 Mary Newton, of this parish, daughter of Mary Newton (spinster)
    [Note: father John crossed out.]
  • 30 Mar 1834 John William Bell, of Blackett Place, born 3-Jan 1831, son of John William Bell (confectioner) & Elizabeth Bell
  • 24 Nov 1839 William Riley, of [the] Barracks, child of William (corporal, 98th Regiment) & Mary Riley

Our 15th Anniversary

We got a little excited when November started and we realized that Durham Records Online has been operating for 15 years! This site began a “test run” in October 2003 and officially launched on 7 Nov 2003, with 3 partners offering transcriptions of parish records and the 1841, 1851, and 1861 census, all focused on Easington district and slightly beyond. We don’t actually know how many records we had at the time, but we estimate we had around 700,000 “instances” of people in the database (in other words, the same person might appear in a baptism, marriage, burial, and 3 censuses, totaling 6 instances). We had no idea whether or not there would be interest in our offerings, so we were thrilled to have 18 customers during our test month and 83 more in our first official month.

Over the next few years, we added collections from other transcribers, put people to work making new transcriptions, and expanded into Northumberland and a little bit of Yorkshire. Today our database contains just over 9 million “instances” of names, and just over 3.6 million records (a census household is counted as a single record). We have over 25,600 customers and have received thousands of lovely emails praising the site’s content,  search functions, and customer support. We are particularly proud of our ability to respond quickly to customer suggestions, implementing new ways to search the records and connect with other researchers. On the data front, we plan to continue expanding into Northumberland, filling the gaps in our County Durham collection, and adding the details that are missing from our original set of Easington-district parish records.

We are grateful to all of our transcribers, who work hard to decipher faded, illegible handwriting with confusingly-spelled names, and we are grateful to our customers who continue to purchase our efforts and delight us with tales of finding long-lost relatives or ancestors, and of solving old mysteries.

Hartburn baptisms and burials 1769-1812

1,422 baptisms and 882 burials spanning 1769-1812 at Hartburn St. Andrew in the Morpeth district of Northumberland – our first record set from this church.

Abodes mentioned frequently include Angerton Broom House, Angerton Moor, Bent House, Cambo, Capheaton, Clock Mill, Close House, Corridge, Deanham, Donking Ridge, Dove Cote, East Marlish, East Shaftoe, East Thornton, East Thornton Moor, Elf or Elph Hills, Ferney Chesters, Gallows Hill, GreenLeighton, Harnham, Hartburn, Hartburn Grainge, Hartington, Hartington Hall, High Angerton, High Laws, Kirk Hill, Kirk Whelpington, Longhorsley, Long Witton, Low Angerton, Meldon Park Corner, Middleton Mill, Mitford, Morpeth, North Middleton, Netherwitton, Newbiggin, Port Gate, Ritton, Rothley, Rothley Shield, Saugh House, Shaftoe Grange, Shilbottle, South Middleton, Stanton, Temple Thornton, Thornton, Throp Hill, Wallington, Walling Dove Cote, Wallington New Houses, West Deanham, West Marlish, West Shafto, West Thornton, White Hill, Whitridge, Whitridge White House, and Witton Shield.

Sample baptisms – the clerk did an excellent job with the 1798-1812 era, nearly always naming the mother’s father and his abode and occupation:

  • 17 Jul 1769 Thomas [Charlton/Orwick], of North Middleton, natural son of Peter Charlton & Isabel Orwick
  • 7 Aug 1781 Elizabeth Glaidstone, of West Thornton, daughter of Gideon & Mary Glaidstone
  • 3 Aug 1793 Edward Arkle, of Cambo, son of Christopher & Dorothy Arkle, received. Baptized October 9, 1790.
  • 8 Oct 1803 Francis Swan, of Cleadon in county Durham, born 19 Sep, 1st son of Matthew Swan (farmer) by his wife Mary Wardle (daughter of Francis Wardle of Low Angerton, farmer)
  • 9 Aug 1812 Robert Codling, of Wallington Dove Cot, born 4 Jul, 4th son of Edward Codling (mason) by his wife Isabella Black (daughter of William Black of Wallington Dove Cot, husbandman)

Sample burials – ages and occupations are not usually given until late 1797 – after that, the clerk was good about including the required details, except he generally omitted the maiden surnames of deceased married women after early 1800:

  • 1 Nov 1769 Mary Elsdon, of Stamfordham parish, wife of Michael Elsdon
  • 24 Nov 1775 Mary Sopwith, of Low Angerton, age: 100
  • 6 Jan 1787 Jane Arthur, of North Middleton, daughter of Edward & Elizabeth Arthur
  • 6 Apr 1798 Margaret Wann late Davison, of Rothley, age: 38, died 3 Apr, wife of George Wann (farmer)
  • 4 Dec 1800 Samuel Robinson, of Grange Moor, age: 25, died 30 Nov, son of John & Mary Robinson
  • 13 Jan 1804 John Hindmarsh, of Cold Rise, age: 89, widower, farmer, died 11 Jan
  • 10 Sep 1812 Mary Robson, of Todridge, age: 80, died 6 Sep, widow of Joseph Robson (farmer)


Easington St. Mary marriages 1916-1948 updated

Added all the missing details for both grooms and brides (marital status, occupation, abode, father’s occupation) and witnesses to 1,076 marriages at Easington St. Mary the Virgin, and added the last 2 marriages in 1948 to finish out that year. We are finished updating marriages at this church; hooray!

A sample marriage before the update:

  • 30 Oct 1926 Wilfred Rose (age 23, son of Charles Rose) married Mary Stephenson (age 24, daughter of Thomas Stephenson)

and the same marriage after the update:

  • 30 Oct 1926 Wilfred Rose (bachelor, surface worker at coal mine, age 23, of 1 Coronation Street, Easington Colliery, son of Charles Rose, miner) married Mary Stephenson (spinster, age 24, of 18 Ouseburne Row, West Hartlepool, daughter of Thomas Stephenson, dock worker)
    Witnesses: Christopher Edward Magee; I. Rutherford

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This is part of our mission to update our Easington-district marriages that are missing information.

Haltwhistle baptisms 1813-1838 & burials 1813-1858

Our first offering from Haltwhistle Holy Cross in Haltwhistle district, Northumberland:

  • 2,611 baptisms covering 1813-1838
  • 3,161 burials covering 1813-1858

Haltwhistle was, in this period, a widespread and very rural parish, with lots of little hamlets and farm names appearing in the abode list, and quite a few people living just over the border in Cumberland.

Sample baptisms:

  • 23 Jan 1813 Eleanor Ainslie, of Corbridge, daughter of Robert (butcher) & Dorothy Ainslie
  • 20 Mar 1825 Margaret Awburn, of Plainmeller, daughter of Christopher (gamekeeper) & Margaret Awburn
  • 24 Feb 1831 David Davidson, of Henshaw, son of Ann Davidson (widow), the child of an Irish woman confined on a journey
  • 18 Mar 1837 Joseph Walton, of Blenkinsopp Castle, born 4 Aug 1830, son of Robert (pitman) & Mary Walton, born in Knaresdale
  • 28 Oct 1838 Ann Maughan, of Twice Brewed Ale, daughter of Thomas (publican) & Elizabeth Maughan

Quite a number of children were baptized elsewhere and their baptisms were reported to the local minister so they could be registered in their home parish, like this:

  • 10 Oct 1813 Samuel Jackson, of Kellah, son of Matthew (husbandman) & Dorothy Jackson, according to the certificate of the Revd.Thomas Kirkby, Curate of Lambley, transmitted to me on the 11th October
  • 28 Apr 1822 Mary Ann Makepeace, of Mill House, daughter of William (farmer) & Mary Makepeace, according to certificate of the Revd. S.R. Hartley, Minister of Haydon Bridge Chapel sent to me 29th April 1822

Sample burials:

  • 24 Feb 1813 George Pickering, of Thorngrafton, age: 97
  • 15 Apr 1823 Edward Hudspith, of Plainmeller, age: 101
  • 23 Nov 1835 Joseph Oliver alias Birkett, of Burn Hall, Bardon Mill, age: 60
  • 18 May 1847 John Armstrong, of Gilsland, parish of Abbey Lanercost, Cumberland, age: 45
  • 10 Dec 1852 Arthur Bewick, of Morwood, age: 10, killed by a fall down Morwood pit in consequence of the rope breaking

Abodes mentioned besides Haltwhistle included Abbey Lanercost (Cumberland), Allensgreen, Angerton (and Angerton Bankfoot, Low Angerton, and New Angerton), Bankfoot, Bank Top, Bardon Mill or Mills, Beggar’s Bog, Beltingham, Birch Trees, Birkshaw, Bitchill Gate or Bitchfield Gate, Blenkinsopp Castle, Braidley (and Braidley Hall), Brampton (Cumberland), Branch End, Briarwood or Brierwood, Brockalee, Broomhope Mill, Broomshaw Hill, Buck Bog, Buff Head, Burnfoot, Burnhouse or Burnt House, Burnt Walls, Cadger Ford, Cariney Croft, Carr’s Gate, Carvoran, Causeway, Chesters, Close A Burn, Clover Hill, Coanwood, Comb Hill, various spellings of Cow Leazes, Crindledykes, Crooks, Cross Bank, Cutty Well, Darlees or Darlies, Dean House(s), Dillacres or Dilacres, Doughan or Duffham Foot, East Calf Fields, Edges Green, Factory High Mill, Farglah, Farnalees, Farrowknees, Featherstone Castle, Fell End, Fogridge, Foul Pots, Fourstones, Gap, Gap Shield, Gilsland (Cumberland), Glenwhelt, Gorbet Hill, Gorcock, Greengate Well, Greenhead, Grindon, Hallpeat Moss, Halton Lea, Hard Riding, Harper Town, Haydon Bridge, Henshaw, Hexham, High (and Low) Onset, High (and Low) Ramshaw, High Tippelt, High Town, Highberries, Highside, Hill House, Hindley Steel, Hole House, Holly Craig, Holm Head, Horse Close, Hot, Housesteads, Kellah, Kit’s Shield, Leazes, Linshield, Lipwood Well, Long Byer or Byre, Long Sike or Syke, Melkridge, Metal Bridge, Midgeholme, Millhouse, Morwood, Moss House, Moss Pateral or Petrell, Mumps Hall, Oakey Knowe, Ollalee, Orchard House, Park, Partridge Nest, Peel, Penpeugh, Plainmeller or Plenmeller, Plankey, Redburn, Redpath, Ridley, Rowfoot, Runnerfoot, Saughy Rigg, Scotch Coulthard, Seatsides, Shankfoot, Shankhead, Shawfield, Shawhead, Shaws, Smallburn, Smees Haugh (lots of different spellings of this one), Steel Rigg, Stone Gap, Tanpits, Teman or Temmon, Thirlwall Castle, Thorngrafton, Throstle Hall, Toadholes or Todholes or Toddles, Toddlewood, Toe or Tow House, Twice Brewed Ale, Ulpham or Ulwham (Ulgham today), the Vicar’s Allotment, Wall End, Wall Mill, Wall Shields, War Car, Wardoughan, Wardrew, Watch Trees, Waterloo, Waughs Banks, Whitchester, White Chapel, Whiteside, Whitshields, Widon or Wydon, Willimoteswick or Willimoteswyke Mill (so many spellings!), Wolf Hills, Wood Hall, Woodhead, and Yets Nees. Whew!

Baptisms for 1839-1858 and marriages 1808-1837 should join this collection in the next week or two.

Monk Hesleden Cemetery burials 1887-1932

2,030 burials at Monk Hesleden Cemetery, a municipal cemetery in the parish of Monk Hesleden St. John, from the opening of the cemetery in Nov 1887 to 3 Jan 1932. Previously, we had burials here only for Aug 1898 to July 1899.

Because this is a municipal cemetery register rather than a church burial register, there is often more detail for adults, such as marital status or occupation, and a few death causes.

This register gives place of death rather than the usual abode. (Most of the time, you can probably assume that the death occurred at home, especially if the address appears to be a residence. If the death occurred away from home, the register often lists both the place of death and the usual home address.) Locations mentioned include Blackhall Rocks, Blackhall Colliery, Castle Eden Colliery, Hardwick Hall, Hesleden, High Hesleden, Horden Colliery, Low Hesleden, Ryhope, Sunderland Infirmary, Sherburn Hospital, Shotton Colliery, Sedgefield Asylum, Station Town, Trimdon Colliery, Thornley, Wingate, Wheatley Hill, and West Hartlepool.

Sample burials:

  • 19 Sep 1888 Patrick Fox, died at Main Street, Castle Eden Colliery, age: 33, miner
  • 21 Sep 1900 Margaret Luke, died at Cassop, age: 50, married woman
  • 9 Jul 1913 John Arthur Alexander, age: 23, leading seaman H.M.S. Itchen, drowned off Granton, Firth of Forth, May 18th
  • 20 May 1924 Joseph Hindmarch, died at 7 South Terrace, Hesleden, age: 48, bricklayer
  • 22 Jan 1927 Mary Barrass, died at 21 Wilkinson St., Hesleden, age: 80, widow
  • 22 Nov 1931 Ralph Winter, died at 9 Partridge Tce., Wingate, age: 74, widower

We didn’t include this entry, since there were no names to index, but we thought it was interesting:

  • 26 Nov 1913 skeleton of person unknown, found in the sand at Blue House, next to the sea banks – supposed to have been there many years

Newcastle St. Andrew baptisms 1813-1824

2,541 baptisms at St. Andrew’s church in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, covering 1813 through 1824. Abodes listed include the Newcastle parishes of All Saints, St. John, and St. Nicholas, plus the Barracks, Gateshead, Gosforth, and Kenton. A few of these have birth dates, and quite a few baptisms are for children of soldiers from various regiments stationed in Newcastle.

Sample baptisms:

  • 3 Jan 1813 Anne Bush, of this parish, daughter of William (private in ye Royal Artillery) & Mary Bush
  • 28 Jan 1816 Mary Kennison, of [the] parish of St. John in this town, daughter of Dougal (5th Dragoon Guards) & Jane Kennison
  • 11 Nov 1820 Clement Bell, of Gateshead, son of Matthew (glass maker) & Isabella Bell
  • 11 Sep 1822 Henrietta Margaret Weatherly, of this parish, born 6 Apr 1816, daughter of Robert (mariner) & Elizabeth Weatherly
  • 7 Nov 1824 Hannah Turner Peel, of Gosforth parish, daughter of John (pitman) & Mary Peel

The handwriting in much of this register is appallingly bad, so we hope we have not made too many transcription errors.


Newcastle St. Ann baptisms 1888-1897

2,308 baptisms at St. Ann’s in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, from the beginning of 1888 to the end of 1897. Starting in 1894, nearly all of these have the child’s birth date; before that, some do.

Sample baptisms – note that the first two were young adults at the time of their baptisms:

  • 26 Feb 1888 Albert Ernest Bird, of 326 Scotswood Rod, born 2 Oct 1861, son of Philip (seaman, retired) & Elizabeth Bird
  • 14 Apr 1889 Dora Howe, of 17 Burton Street, born 1 May 1873, daughter of John (shipwright) & Margaret Howe
  • 14 Feb 1894 Edith Frances Copeland, of Golden Lion, Tyne Street, daughter of Anthony Copeland (publican) & Edith Frances Copeland
  • 29 Dec 1897 Ernest Neville, of 3 Wansbeck Street, born 3 Dec 1897, son of James (mason) & Ellen Neville